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  1. Sorry about that I'll make sure to be in boomkin spec/gear when I log for the night. I personally like Ward simply because i can get a strong heal with one global as opposed to 2 globals with NS + Healing touch. Great on the move and can be used in all forms.
  2. Hello all, Sammik here I am a 490/491 boomkin/resto druid looking for a new raiding home. I've been playing since vanilla, did my first raid as a prot warrior in ICC, and have been raiding hardcore on my druid since the start of cata. A little bit about me. I led my guilds raiding team in t11. We were a very large social guild that I was an officer of, so getting our first heroic Halfus kill was quite an achievement, I also helped push us to realm first Guild Level 25. When the GM of that guild quit, things fell apart, and I moved my druid to Sentinels where I joined a guild called the Leagu
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