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  1. Read and understood, good set of rules!
  2. Why thanks for the invite! I work 12 hrs today so I might be on for a few minutes tonight, but not long if I get on. I will be on tomorrow and will be able to spend some time with my new family! I have always wanted to be adopted!!! :-)
  3. Hello Gang! I was in Epic Muffins (GW2) with Wotcha and we have been looking for a new guild, from what I read about yours it sounds like something I would be interested in as well! I have 80 Ranger (Rang Her) Warrior (Large N Charge) Necromancer (Lil China Girl) Thief (Charred Thief) and working on mesmer (Mes Mhir) (yes, yes i have original names lol) Also have 8/8 crafts. I played FFXI for 7 yrs WoW for about 4-5 both of these games I lead guilds and we had a great time (mostly drama free) and were successful! (I played Aion for about 5 mins, got bored when I hit max cap) Anyways! I would love to join up with you guys and am available to transfer servers come this Saturday. RL: 37 year old Father of one and getting married Jan. 1st 2013. From Ohio and have traveled the world over from my military service in the USAF 7th SOS.
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