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  1. Read this , and i agree to the conditions :-) will never let it go there to be sorry
  2. Ahh, Thank you. I will PM any of the game representatives when i come online or get wotcha to help me out get hold of one :-) the naming mechanics of this game are bit difficult at points.
  3. Oh well i am usually not good at talking about myself but here goes :-). For starter I live in India, I have been playing guild wars 2 since the beginning of its launch. as a person i am calm and calculated ( thanks to my job as oracle dba :-) ) which shows in game as well, as i dont like to get in a fightand i like to help people around ... I am here to have good times meet new people help them grow and let others help me grow ( cant be prefect :-p).. I am usually online playing if i am not working ... most of the time my play changes as my work demands, As i stay at a complete different time zone and mostly get to play in the nights i avoid speaking with voice clients ( no point in waking up the whole family :-) ) but i do just listen. As a gamer i believe learning the craft completely and then giving out advice. I prefer playing as a caster hence elementalist :-) ... I do share information about finds and other stuff that can be useful to the community. I have played a lot of mmo's ( dc universe online , perfect world ). and i like games with challenge and jumping puzzles i just cant resist a jumping puzzle. and to end it all ...I like to listen to music and read a good novel when i am not playing .. or league of legends to pep me up and i like to go bungee jumping when ever i feel i need a push Huntyre It was my pleasure to grp up with you all... its part of my dungen runs when ever you feel like doing and need a person let me know will join if i am online at that time
  4. Hello, I am looking for a friendly, social, pve as well as pvp based guild.. My main character in Gw2 is jana darkangel (lvl 80 ELE), jana woodborn (lvl 80 ranger). feel free to ask questions. I am a friendly and easy to go person. Please do send an invite P.S--> I keep everything simple hence the above 4 lines :-) Thanks.
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