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  1. I think you've already made up your mind in this regard. The fact that you are still doubting me isn't a good sign for either of us, so I think we should just stop here.
  2. 1 Overall CD usage I tend to use my CD's based on when the situation calls. I don't use my CD's as soon as they are off CD. I don't glyph for Divine Protection on fights where I know phases will do magic damage to mitigate that more. I will improve glyphing for it come 5.2, since as it stands on the PTR, it will be great for the next tier bonus. I will work on using my CD's more, but I always tend to save them for situations in an encounter, where I know I'm will get hit hard (Second debuff stack on Bladelord, Thrash from Sha of Fear and Breath on Elegon etc.). 2 Particularly Sacred Shield uptime, and what have you done to address this since your previous app cycle and what can you do to take it to the next level now. I can answer this best with two answers. 1. Power Auras Classic. I've been starting to use this ever since you recommended it. It has been a great help to me, not just for sacred shield, but all my important buffs. It has made me much more aware of Sacred Shield. This will also be a great aid for when Eternal Flame comes into play. 2. I feel my up-time is much higher than that. I know I don't cast it on myself when I'm not tanking, in which case it goes to the other tank. No need for me to have it when I'm not taking any, if not very little, damage. I don't know if that has any effect on the up-time in the logs. 3 Talent and glyph changes appropriate for various encounters, give me two examples of changes and why I always glyph Alabaster shield and Battle Healer. They are just always nice to have. Elegon I like to use Light's hammer for AoE healing (Be it the range group or melee) during Total Annihilation. I prefer glyphing Holy wrath as my third glyph for the stun on elemental adds. Sha of Fear I prefer to use Execution Sentence for self healing and I glyph Divine Protection for my third glyph. It helps mitigate the physical damage. For fights with Magic damage phases, (Feng and Lei Shi mainly) I glyph for Avenging Wrath for extra healing. Having Divine Protection mitigate magic damage is nice. 4 You're under expertise hardcap, why? Experimentation. I wanted to see if I could gain more haste if my cap was just 1-1.5% under cap. But while I'm not having any issues with self healing and threat, missing 2.5-4% of my Crusader Strikes, Melee hits and Shield of Righteous attacks, I could do more. I'm back to expertise hard cap. I hope that answered it all up.
  3. Tuborg Julebryg (Christmas brew). Not as much the beer itself, but the entire national holiday event when it comes out every winter. But it does taste pretty good. Typically anything Light-brown in color, with a good after taste. Something to compliment a good meal.
  4. Beer is the big thing where I'm from. And it's often cheap stuff, so I'm not going to hell for wasting good liquor
  5. Whatever is at hand really. I'm not picky about the liquor as long as it's not ruined by flavors, soda or whatever nasty stuff kids put in it these days. I usually only drink hard liquor at parties. When I'm having a drink with my mates, it's beer I prefer.
  6. A good Kilkenny, Fat Tire or Tuborg. Vodka or Tequila, pure with nothing mixed. You?
  7. Armory link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/deathwing/Z%C3%ADnn/advanced
  8. After talking with Ashin, I am re-opening my application and updating. The new guild I joined fell apart right away, despite Heroic progression. Our two top DPS left and joined the top guild of our server, and our RL rage quit during our last raid. I am now 6/16 HM experienced (Guards, Feng, Garajal, Spirit Kings, Elegon and Bladelord). Here are the only few logs my guild made: http://www.worldoflo...w070lkqn28ojn8/ http://www.worldoflo...7l4ybrejlj3ogs/ No logs for Spirit Kings as PvPimp was not in on the kill. I hope to hear from ya!
  9. You can still try and lure me into vent/mumble someday
  10. I'm afraid I'm going to have to withdraw my application. My guild pretty much disbanded and some friends had a tank opening in their guild. I've decided to stick with my mates in this new guild and hopefully put my newly acquired knowledge to good use. I want to thank everyone (Esp. Hip and Ashin) for their advice and their critique, as I have already made wast improvements to my tanking abilities. Once again, thank you and good luck in your future challenges and adventures!
  11. I'll get on getting a addon right away for CD's and get accustomed to it. I'll also change my glyph. I only had it to make Elegon easier (Does wonders on them elementals), and I'll change spec as needed for encounters. I never had much use for Clemency since we are running with two Paladins in our 10 man, but again, if needed I will change it to benefit the encounter(s). I prefer haste to generate holy power ASAP. I like having a Shield of the Righteous up constantly (even if it is lower damage reduction) than to have intervals where it can spike (even if the intervals are few and far between). A constant 30% (40% with 4 piece bonus) constantly is better than 35% (45%) most of the time. Haste will also do wonders for spells such as Consecration and Eternal Flame and it stacks with the spell haste given from Seal of Insight (The extra melee haste adds more procs as well). Also as my gear stands (And gear in general in this tier), you need a lot of mastery for it to be worth purely stacking it (Not to mention giving up on a hard cap expertise). If I was to reforge and re-gem my current gear, I could get another 2-3% mastery, maybe 5-6% with removing expertise hard cap, at the expense of most of my haste. I like my abilities are available more often (Esp. for the "Oh ****!" moments) which haste gives me. I've talked to Ashin before, but most is repeated here in application. I haven't done anything official (I don't think I have anyways), but I'm interested in proceeding to the next step as well.
  12. Possibly, I could have missed that. In my defense then, it's a habit (That I will break) and it makes the normal modes a little more interesting.
  13. I only switch "a lot" when needed. (I.e Alliance to horde to play with my brother.) Other than that I tend to stay in guilds for a while if I can (Don't like drama, so I left CdG with everyone else.) If I still lived in Denmark, I would still be in Northern Expedition, but an 8 hour time zone difference makes raid availability hard. Note I have stayed with BG for most of Cata and all of MoP so far. But since most of the core raid from Cata left or quit, it just doesn't feel the same. Haste is a new thing I'm trying. I haven't actually had much raid time with the build so I'm still in the "try-out" phase with it, but I've only heard good things. Our 10 man has rather low DPS over all, so I need the haste to pump out a little more damage. I did mastery in the beginning, but with us doing normal modes mainly, I've taken this chance to try out the haste build. I don't switch out many talents for fights. On normal it's never much of a requirement. But when needed I will. Tomes aren't expensive In general on CDs, I tend to try and take more damage in normals (Since they don't do that much damage) and we do have amazing healers, so the extra vengeance helps with our lacking DPS. This will improve. Sacred Shield needs a better up-time, I agree. But again, doing normals and having amazing healers, I tend to let myself take a little extra damage to build more vengeance, for a slight damage boost. This will be improved when I start dedicated HMs. I'd also like to note that I'd be using Eternal Flame more in 5.2 since it will be getting a huge boost. If the haste build works out, I should be able to have stable Eternal Flame up-time and still maintain a good Righteous Shield up-time as well. I don't use any addons or tackers for CD's. I currently feel very comfortable with my UI, and I'm always aware when my CD's are ready, and for what situations. If a tracker is required, I will get one.
  14. Hi everyone! By the way, I just wanted to mention that I play a Blood Elf Paladin instead of a Tauren. I like the Blood Elf racial (Arcane Torrent) more, simply because it let's me control mechanics more, and i like the freedom better. 5% base stamina is nice, but I like the mechanical advantage more. If a race change is required, I will. I just felt I should let you know why I prefer Blood Elf.
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