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  1. Valagosa


    Woot ty ty so happy to be here.thank you for the promotion.
  2. Valagosa

    Sorel's Intro

    Lol oops my bad Geuss I should learn to read the whole post,before I respond.I had just skimed over it and responded,thinking they were joining us.
  3. Valagosa

    Sorel's Intro

    welcome to the legion.
  4. WOOT WOOT your finally here my best friend in causing havok on the bad guys,he he . Now Voxiss is really in trouble,good to see you join us luna
  5. I have read and agree to all the rules you have posted. WooT
  6. Ty Ty for the warm welcomes.My sorc will be the one I'm looking to get invited into SOH.
  7. Greetings and Salutations SOH, A little about myself My name is Rob I'm 35 years old professional cook by trade.If I'm not in the kitchen cooking meals that will blow your taste buds away I'm on aion play my lvl 36 templar tanking some bad dude while my group pounds it down.I also have a lvl 25 sorcerer which I will hopefully be joining you guys with.I've been playing MMO's for several years now.I've played WoW for about 4 years and came to Aion with Voxiss and his wife to kick some serious butt here.I played everquest,FF on-line and several others so I'm not New to the World of MMo's. Looking forward to quest and blowing things up with you guys.
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