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  1. i dont think it is as simple as react rather than aggressive, i tend to predict incomming damage and heal people for example i will put ruejuves on dps and healers b4 they get dispelled in jin'rokh rather than waiting untill after the damage is delt to start healing because my tier set makes the later ticks of rejuve stronger than the early ones. at the same time because wild growth does 60% of its healing in the first 2 seconds and 40% in the last 4 it makes more sense to use this ability as a reaction to damage. normally this means right after a thunderstrike on lie shen or a poison bolt on
  2. I found out about you guys through my friends aegon and puggles who are also applying. when im not wowing i play a lot of other games such as dota2 and tekkit minecraft as well as working a full time job with crazy hours (12-8pm saturday, then 4am to 12noon sunday - tuesday) my dad is recovering from surgery but he is going to be fine thx for your concern though. as far as why i play a resto druid, i have never had much fun playing a DPS class although i have tried multiple times and am willing to give it another shot if necessary. and i have basically been playing this druid forever and never
  3. No i just hide my keybinds. For some reason the 1-0 in that position cant be hidden with bartender but all of my other buttons are binds or help/harm macros. for example the heals u see on that bar are actually these macros #showtooltip lifebloom /cast [nomod, help, @mouseover] lifebloom /cast [nomod, harm] Faerie swarm /cast [nomod, harm] Faerie Fire /cast [mod:alt] Symbiosis /cast [mod:shift] Healthstone #showtooltip Regrowth /cast [nomod, @mouseover, help] regrowth /cast [nomod, harm] Wrath /cast [mod:alt] Ironbark /use [mod:shift] Wild Mushroom: Bloom #showtooltip rejuvenation /cas
  4. character name: KeziƧ server: Argent Dawn (US) armory: http://us.battle.net...wn/KeziƧ/simple about me: Im a 20 year old nerd that loves playing wow and watching dr. who. wow history: total /played is 195 days 1 hours 20 mins vanilla -> no raiding of note BC -> all of BT/hyjal and up to brute in SWP wrath -> everything killed every encounter except heroic putricide sindy and litch king cata -> didn't play wow during cata was actually not even suscribed this entire time pandaland -> 5.0 i was raided about half of in a progression guild that ended up at 6/16H then moved to a 25 ma
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