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  1. w00t ! kiyana! welcome to le boards (no im not french)
  2. ty for invite! hope to have a great time with you guys
  3. i play from 3pm central standard time to bout 2am on weekdays, and on weekends i dont log off
  4. oh sorry XD ill be playing sorcerer
  5. Greetings fellow Aion players >.> my name is Kadzuki and im a former WoW player. I love MMO's (console games have become too easy) and more than anything i love to PvP!! I'm level 38 but leveling quickly, only been playing for 1 month now. I'm mature and i don't RAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! ,,,, Mordrid is a good friend of mine in your guild so he can vouche for my um Coolness? IDK a word for it X_X, anywho hope to be seeing you guys !
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