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  1. Where are you?!?! I thought u were coming over to RIFT??

  2. Ashy

    Joing SoH

    Akerfelt welcome ^_^.. don't mind the (girls) ... we are really nice here REALLY!!!
  3. Ashy


    bleated Gratz! Thanx ^_^
  4. Ashy


    i have no idea what happed, but respect your wish to have a time for yourself. see ya in game!
  5. its Officail now,,, Chiks Rule SoH Aion now Welcome!!!!!!!!
  6. welcome to the forum hope to group with you in Aion ^_^
  7. Ashy

    Hello SoH

    haya i didnt see you Gujo XD
  8. Welcome was nice Grouping with you the other day
  9. Wooogoo Finally playing Aion!

  10. hey I love your intro nice to see you in game welcome ^_^
  11. Happy belated birthday i want smilies <picture a cake with candles on top, and i am eating it =D
  12. Ashy

    = )

    Calli welcome to legion <3
  13. Beaaaaaaaaaaaaaans!! Happy to see you in game again! and glad you apply here welcome to the forums :Onion36:
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