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  1. Domino


    awww, I feel so special! ty
  2. Welcome Bai, so glad u applied
  3. Domino


    Welcome to teh Forums
  4. Welcome to the forums, and to SoH!
  5. Domino


    Herro! and welcome
  6. Domino


    Thankyou for the warm welcome, I look forward to grouping with you all
  7. Domino


    Herro ppl's, looking to join ur legion. Heard you have some noob named Kricket there but otherwise you have an awesome reputation. (j/k <3 rly) Love to PvP, particularly like participating in forts. My time zone is total opposite to US, so i cant be there for many, but if im available i'm 100% always there. Bit about me...pretty easy going, very rarely rage in the game, 28 yrs old, and live in australia. take me in! im all alone *snif
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