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  1. I got burnt out! I don't know if I'm comming back. I still have my account acctive. I'm just debating on whether to come back or not.

  2. beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaans wher have u ben XD

  3. Hello all! I'm Stringbean a lvl 51 Templar in Aion. I've been looking for a Legion that fits me since the fall of Cataclysm where I met Autarkis, Ashy, and Pizza. I've also been friends with Ordocorvi for a long time out of game as well. I recently had a change of schedule and will play during the day and evenings on Wed-Sat. I enjoy my life outside of the game as well so I may seem scattered on when I play lol. I do enjoy Aion and have since the 2nd closed beta. I'm better at PVE than PVP but I'm willing to learn. I'm an expert armorsmith and I'm always glad to lend a helping hand on anything
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