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  1. Ardanna

    GW2 intro Sha Feng

    Did I know that you lived in Michigan already? I feel like that's something we talked about already, but I'm not sure. That's actually where I've from originally! Can't wait to see you guys (hopefully) on Saturday, again! Had so much fun!
  2. Young the Giant donates proceeds of merchandise to The Ally Coalition after Westboro Baptist protests at their concert. This is why I love Young the Giant. #winning

    1. Ardanna


      Guess who just bought their new cd...

  3. Ardanna


    Holy crap...they let us in? *gasp* And here I thought I'd get kicked out after a week! CHEERS! Love you guys
  4. Ardanna

    GW2 Intro - Cathryne/Ardanna

    You're not kidding! I don't know if I could handle TWO of them O.o lol
  5. Ardanna

    GW2 Intro - Cathryne/Ardanna

    Haha! Me too! He comes back with, "Hey, you're the one that said yes."
  6. Ardanna

    GW2 Intro - Cathryne/Ardanna

    What did I get myself into... /shakes head
  7. Ardanna

    GW2 intro Darish

    I was wondering if I would see your app here! Yay!
  8. Ardanna

    GW2 Intro Griff

    Don't worry. Sha didn't mention me either :-P
  9. Ardanna

    GW2 Intro - Cathryne/Ardanna

    Can someone delete my accidental double post and this post as well? I didn't think my phone was working, but apparently it was...
  10. Ardanna

    GW2 Intro - Cathryne/Ardanna

    Because I can, and because Zacharra and Griff already have a pic up...lol
  11. Ardanna

    GW2 Intro - Cathryne/Ardanna

    I'm scared to go back in there. It was dark and I'm pretty sure I was violated once or twice. Mentally. I'm scarred for life now. Seriously, though... You should see me in there more in the future. I enjoy making new friends and talking to people. And I'm sure I could show you a thing or two. And I have just never been a fan of facing another person. That and I'm pretty sure that I have absolutely zero skill...lol
  12. I lost the game...

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    2. Ardanna


      HA! Someone got it! You're awesome :p

    3. Dani


      NOOOOOOOO it's been SO long!!!

    4. Ardanna


      It'll be ok, Dani. I promise.

  13. Ardanna

    GW2 Intro - Cathryne/Ardanna

    I believe that's the one.
  14. Ardanna

    GW2 Intro - Cathryne/Ardanna

    Thank you, Vanity! Congrats on your move as well! It's definitely quite a task, but definitely worth it when all is said and done! You would probably have to drag me kicking and screaming. I MIGHT do it if it were the last thing in existence on GW2... I honestly don't really do a lot of research into builds. That, to me, is work. Therefor, not fun to me. I pretty much do what my husband suggests...lol.
  15. Ardanna

    GW2 Intro - Cathryne/Ardanna

    Thanks, all! Looking forward to spending time getting to know new people!