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  1. Well not to say people don't like the black sheep and personally I've made any characters that were the unpopular race. But Chua and Draken especially are a little out there lol.
  2. I'm 21 and I met Proof playing Dota 2. He played an amazing Meepo game and at the time me and one of my friends were looking to expand our horizon and possibly make a team of sorts. We added him and have really been playing ever sense. He WILL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!! NEVER. (caps ) But yea he told me to write a post and i just came home from a 10 hours day but all is good now. I think that is the problem because I could see a lot of people just making Cassian and Mechari because Chua and Draken are like the black sheep of the family.
  3. Well I sometimes really hate cartoony games. Borderlands and Team Fortress are about the only games I can handle with graphics that are different. Wildstar was kind of the same at first until I saw how the game mechanics were, what raiding was like and how PvP was just amazing. The main reasons we play games is to kill things and get stuff done. PvP was my way of life in WoW and Guild Wars. So in a game that has so much to offer I feel like I can play this game for a long time. I didn't like the idea of Pandas in WoW I think Chua is a little random. If anything the race is laughable and I would punt them like Gnomes and Goblins.
  4. I've been playing MMOs for around 7 years. WoW, Aion, Guild Wars, Runescape(if thats even a game), Rift. Dota is my main game right now. We as friends made a team and to get better and work as a team. I don't watch NHL that much but you can't not like Midwest teams (im from Nebraska) so bandwagon on the Blackhawks. If it helps I like the Wizards, Thunder, Cubs. I work at Sherwin Williams, Been going to college for Computer Programming. I probably play video games too much but that's life.
  5. Hello everyone, been checking out Wildstar for around 2 hours. I've been playing Dota 2 with Proof for around 8 months and he told me to come here to apply to join your guild.
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