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  1. Understood and agreed.
  2. You can make a Chua seem feminine, but not by much. I believe it's to correlate more with actual real life animals who have little sexual dimorphism. You can see this in Charr in GW2 as well. While they have separate male/female options (probably because some cats have noticable differences like lions), the females aren't really sexualized.
  3. The tops in my guild were me and our disc priest. I had a druid pretty close to me during tier 11 and I'm sure he would consistently be above me if he were better. Higher skill raiders were difficult to come by on RP servers. Holy was a lot of fun though and I don't like switching up my main. :x Man, does that sound cocky. Nevertheless, Holy just isn't the same anymore. In fact, if I was okay switching to resto in t11, I would have probably been okay with Holy's shitty pseudo-druid healing crap when MoP hit and Eternal Flame was the only way to go. :< Anyway. I'll be in Letchworth State P
  4. Hah. Yes. I played a healadin throughout Wrath and Cata for raiding. I had numerous alts too. Was quite the altoholic. I live in the tristate area. I studied CIT Networking in school and am actually graduating today! So, yeah. The job hunt is gonna suck, but preferably something where I can use that degree. (only an associates) (I hate emoticons)
  5. Hello SoH! While scouting for guilds on the Pergo realm forums, I found you guys. And then again when scouting guilds on Reddit. Suffice to say, I like what you have going here. I read some the applicants and like the friendly atmosphere. My name is Ashley. I’m 24 years old and from New York. I just finished school this month. I’m somewhat shy, but warm up over time. I'm much more talkative through text. I enjoy games, typically ones that I can sink tons of hours into. I have been playing MMO’s since 2005, starting with World of Warcraft. I have also played FF14 and GW2, though they never
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