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  1. B-boying, or breaking, was the original term that was used... but then mainstream media called it "break-dancing", so it became generally known as that. But the problem about it, is that the term is a bit diluted, so it also includes other forms of street dance such as popping, locking, etc. When you get into the culture though, you learn otherwise. Also, the word is generally looked down by b-boys in the community. I personally don't care as much though, haha. A great example, and my biggest motivation for b-boying, B-boy Cloud: http://youtu.be/eDSLLIi-2NI
  2. Sounds reasonable enough. Signed.
  3. Not sure if I'm just unlucky, but the couple times I logged on Mumble, everyone was in the AFK channel. :/ Is there a certain time when everyone is active? I'm guessing I log on whenever people are at work or something.
  4. Same. I hope they make fightsticks for the PS4 by the time it comes out... otherwise I'll have to learn how to mod lol It's so tough though.... ugh, it would have to be between Samurai Champloo and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann... that's the best I can narrow it down to haha. Sure, I'm willing to upload a video sometime haha. I've never heard of the anime you mentioned, but I'll definitely look into it. I liked both FMA series, but I had more feels and manly tears for the way they did the first series, such as Nina's death, Hugh's funeral, etc. It looks like a few members play League, s
  5. I stopped at BB:CS a few years ago, since BB:CP released in Japan first, and I was lazy to import... and then when it was finally localized I decided to just wait for GGXrd for my next time-waster, haha. I went by Renegade/ixRenegade/Renegadew0lf when I used to play on PSN/at tournaments. I used to live in norcal, so I went to a lot of tourneys around there. I mained Nu/Lambda, Hazama, Ragna, and Tager. And I only played umcv3 casually... I actually don't have any videos of myself uploaded anywhere, but maybe I'll make one later just to share? Haha. My favorite anime...? That's tough... C
  6. Wow, it's nice to see how welcoming you all are! I played SF more seriously, and MK casually (mostly because the fighting game scene I was at was more into SF)... but honestly I think MK is more fun. As for games that I went all out with, I played Soul Calibur V, Blazblue, Persona 4 Arena, and now I'm waiting on Guilty Gear Xrd. I guess I'm more into anime fighters... As for most underappreciated fish... doesn't seem like most people around my area ever order octopus, haha (though I guess that's more of a mollusc than a fish, eh?). We don't serve aburado (never heard of it?), probably because
  7. Sup, SoH. I was messaged to check out this guild. After looking around, I decided to apply here. Looks like you guys don't have any specific format for applying, so... here we go: I'll be rolling a Warrior for Wildstar. I'm leaning towards DPS, but I'll tank if it's needed. I'll be pretty active, even though I work part-time. I'll totally be down for doing raids, and PvP. The last endgame experience I had was with FFXIV (and probably the most I've played). I also have a mic, so I'll definitely be on mumble. I'm pretty chill, so don't worry about any drama coming from me. About me: I'm
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