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  1. Read and signed. Looking forward to playing with you all this weekend.
  2. My major was accounting so I knew I would be in the finance field somewhere as I knew I'd get my MBA in Finance a few years out of college. I was in investment banking for a good 7 years which I really enjoyed doing mezz and equity deals for land developers and homebuilders, but with the crash in 2008 our company ended up shutting down so one of the few options I had in Phoenix, AZ was banking doing special assets, which the only way to put that is miserable. Basically working on broken commercial real estate deals and trying to fix them or if not foreclosing on the office building / shoppin
  3. Yes, definitely looking forward to Warplots, I only know what I have seen from the DevSpeak but really the strategy that I am sure that is involved should be really fun to do as a guild. Yeah, the Ewoks were all right. But let's not speak of the one we shall not name.
  4. Hobbies / interests outside of gaming are golf when I can, and taking in sporting events or traveling. With my 4 year old our hobbies now consist of watching his soccer and tee ball games seemingly more and more. My wife hates computer games and assumes everyone I play with are all 12 year old Chinese kids. She is in the camp of saying I waste my time gaming while proceeding to watch 3 hours of a Real Housewives marathon lol. Although she would probably like it if she tried more, we do have a Wii and she gets very competitive racing Mario Kart. Although she did say if she ever gamed she
  5. My favorite band growing up was Van Halen, I guess they're in that category...although I am a fan of all of the ridiculousness that is hair metal. I never had big hair but I did have a fairly sweet mullet back in the day. I will have to track that down although I have tried to burn all copies but am pretty sure multiple people have it for blackmailing purposes. It was fairly sad when my younger sister had "80s" day at her high school and I was like every day my freshman and sophomore year in high school was 80s day. Acid washed jeans FTW.
  6. Hello everyone. I saw your thread on the W* forums and you all looked like a good fit for my playstyle. I am 39 currently living in AZ. I work in banking/finance and am married with 2 kids (2 and 4). My MMO experience is primarily WoW where I played exclusively on PVP servers enjoying all aspects of PVP: arenas, battlegrounds, WPVP etc. My accomplishments (if you want to call them that) in PVP were playing multiple characters over 2300 in 3s and had the Battlemaster title. I enjoy 5 man dungeons but really don't have the time/desire to raid as I primarily will be looking to spend my t
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