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  1. Eslosh - I've been climbing for about 6 or 7 years now. I'm not sure if you're familiar with grading systems or different routes, but my biggest objective accomplishment was climbing a V7 in bouldering and a 5.12b in roping. In terms of subjectivity, my biggest accomplishment is getting my wife into climbing! I will definitely be playing an explorer. I do a bit of both. I work full time in a medium sized company doing front end / app dev work, but I also work with alot of non-profits / churches / local business doing freelance work. I enjoy the freedom of freelance jobs. I played in guild in
  2. That was fast! Terse - my favorite beer to drink are BIG beers. I'm talking lots of flavor, high ABV, high IBU's. These usually entail Imperial Stouts, Double IPA's, Belgian Quads, American Strong Ales, and a few others. I'm a hop head, so I'm particularly drawn to brewing IPA's but honestly my favorite beer is usually the one I'm in the process of making. Toobz - I rock a pretty basic fender strat for my electric rig with a minimalist pedal setup. Got your basic loop, distortion, reverb, and fuzz box. I've done a few acoustic sets with my Taylor 214, but I tend to stick with electric. Bei
  3. Howdy! Name: Kevin Level: 25 Race: Human Male Class: Web Developer Origin: Austin, TX Resides: Austin, TX Achievements: Degree holder in Philosophy of Texas A&M University, Husband to a beautiful bride, Axe wielder (guitar player), Brewmaster (I make beer), Ascender (I rock climb). As the stat sheet says, my name is Kevin and I'm a developer who lives in the beautiful Austin Texas. I played WoW from Vanilla to Cata, but found (to me) it became derivative and lacking the wanderlust I felt it once had. I tried many other MMO's such as SWTOR, GW2, LOTRO, and more recently ESO, none of w
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