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  1. oh its challenging...u will enjoy the vet dungeons and raids for sure Did the epic arc storyline today..and surprisingly i thought it was well done *gasp, a first for lorebreaker vom*
  2. haha ya...was going to do this a few days ago...but was busting tail to get to 50
  3. i think "lurker" is more of a fitting title for me Dev and phil <3
  4. Now that i dinged 50 i have a bit of free time to write a small intro about myself *inbetween the rep/dungeon grinds lulz* First off, NO MY NAME HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ROMAN VOMITORIUM'S, lol. (Idr how many times i have been asked this lately) Now that thats cleared up.. I have been playing MMOs for awhile now. Started playing AoC and moved on from there, never touched WoW *hiss*. Played AoC/Rift/SWTOR/GW2/TERA and played with a few members of SoH from other guilds at the time *waves to all familiar faces*. Currently playing Wildstar/EVE/Archeage(beta) and its hard to shuffle time inbetween stuff for all 3, lol Iv been playing Wildstar since CBT2 and have raided with guilds as well. Tried most of the classes during the beta and fell in love with the Engineer soon after it was released. I have seen this class go from highest on the totem pole to the bottom and climbing back up again, and iv enjoyed the ride xD. Was a member of Subterfuge till recently when i took a break for abit to play Archeage *omg i cant wait for that to come out....going from Archeage back to wildstar...first thing i miss...GLIDERS.... *. If you ever need any knowledge on the game, i usually pass out anything i know . Pretty much stuck on Engineer for my class choice though, might make an alt to screw around with (maybe Esper heals?). I enjoy Raiding/PVP aspects in MMOs *not big on crafting, but sometimes u gotta do it*. Always looking for that next shiny piece of loot thats a better upgrade than what u got on xD. I am 29 living in Buffalo. I work for a Screen Printing company as a Screen Technician. Mostly listen to metal (anything viking/death/black/folk i probably listen to it) so hoping there are some fellow people in guild who appreciate the finer tastes in music Looking forward to getting to know all of you and, for those i've played with before, getting to play with you again. Any questions dont be afraid to ask, i wont bite... Vomitory
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