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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys! I mostly just play Destiny as far as online games go. I play somewhat often, but would be happy to jump on if other players needed me! It would also be cool to be able to actually voice chat with other members. As far as other games go, I play a lot of Nintendo which isn't super online based, but I have a good time with it. Since I play mostly on a console that has little to no online play, I don't know much about communities/clans/groups/etc. A bit about me: I am 21 years old, working toward a degree in college, and working part time. Just trying to figure out my young adult life and
  2. Hello everyone, I'm Mitsuko. By day, I work as a UI designer for mobile applications. By night, I'm a summoner on FFXIV! I've been a huge fan of Final Fantasy ever since watching my friends play FFX late at night. Since then I've played I, III, VI, VIII, X, XI, XII, and XIII - all of them very entertaining to play. I'm eager to see what XV will be like! Other fun facts: - I enjoy cooking food for myself and guests, and I like to think I've gotten pretty good over the years. - I'm an avid reader. My favorite genres are sci-fi and fantasy novels. - I know a lot of things in pretty much an
  3. Hello my name is Kazkalak i am also known as Pichu and Anaxes. I was told to post here to introduce myself and say hello. I play LoL with John aka. Kitty and i have played with a few of the people from SoH. I am returning to wow in anticipation of Mists of Pandaria i have experience raiding up to the litch king and have reached 85 in Cata before taking an extended break. i am starting fresh none of my old characters exist any longer. I'm looking to make friends and have a stable environment in WoW (whitch is hard to come by these days). I am a reserved person i dont open up right away but once
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