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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, everybody! My in-game name is Soma Ishimura; real-name Christian, and I have expressed my interest in joining a new FC/Guild with Ms. Minori Thanos. I am a 24-year-old man, California-based and I've had my history with videogames, especially, RPGs, MMORPGs and MOBAs. Although I started maybe as everyone did back in their time, playing Mario, Legend of Zelda or Sonic, RPGs managed to catch a very keen interest on me. My 1st RPG was Earthbound for the SNES and my 1st FF game was FFIV for the 1997 Playstation release. What managed to get me into the series was the role-playing aspect o
  2. Hello. So, I saw the post on reddit and I think SOH is what I'm looking for. Essentially a pvp server guild with friendly, mature Dominionites. I've played MMOs on and off for ~8 years or so. I've raided hardcore and softcore in WoW as a ranged dps, with a healing alt, for many years. However, I really like the healing model so far in Wildstar, so I might be rolling a medic healer. Going to give Esper a shot though to see how it compares. Really, it's hard to choose since so many of the classes are fun. I'm sort of melee averse in PVE since I prefer to be able to stand back and see wha
  3. Hello South of Heaven! I have been looking for a friendly mature guild to join Dominion side on Pergo and your post caught my eye. I have 4 years of hardcore progression experience as a healer in WOW from BC to Cata. However, that was back when I was in school and now that I work full time and joined the adult world, I don't have much free time to be as hardcore as I was in WOW. I fell in love with Wildstar when i first played it at E3 last year and have been playing the BETA since Nov. I am interested in playing either Chua Esper or Draken spellslinger. However, I will pick whichever the
  4. Hello! My name is Jason, I'm a 31 year old Programmer from North Carolina and I have been playing WoW since BC launched. I am returning to this game from a 6 month layoff, mainly brought on by my guild slowly breaking apart and finally cancelling its raids to due others real life responsibilities and burnout. I am applying here because of my love for this game and my want to get back into the thick of real raiding again. Brief History: Started playing this game on my Rogue on this very server (Alliance). Raided all through BT (while current content) with Omega Order and while we werent "Hardco
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