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  1. Figure I've put this off long enough. Sadly, I've decided Wildstar just isn't the game for me, so I won't be playing anymore. Without exception, you guys have been awesome. Going to miss the guild more than the game itself. Hope I'll get a chance to join you all in a different game someday soon
  2. Quick update: I'm out the next few days. I'll be moving again and the internet options at my new place are less than stellar. Be back as soon as I can sort something out.
  3. Hi and welcome back! Hope to see you on Nexus soon.
  4. Have fun! Pictures, maybe? I already miss camping in California. Yosemite is beautiful and Anza Borrego as well.
  5. Hi and welcome Martyr! Good to have another DPS engi up in the mix. Looking forward to checking out your house. What sort of designing do you do? Any pets?
  6. Welcome back. Hope to see you in the guild soon.
  7. Hi and welcome to SOH! Got a bit of time to kill since the servers are down, so a couple questions: What are you studying in college? How'd you get the name NWMSerenade? I hear that. At least they'll be over soon.
  8. Just a quick update. I'm taking some time away from W* to study for finals next week. I'll be back when finals are over June 10th. See you all then.
  9. Hi and welcome Zac! A good number of people from my hometown have never left the state either. Swat Kats is a great choice. Now for a few questions: -Do you have a particular class picked out yet in W*? If so, why? -I lived in NC for a while too and surfed a bit of the OBX, probably mostly south of you though . Do you surf? Just ~6 hrs to go until launch!
  10. Welcome Avenge! What kind of running shoes do you prefer? I've been burning through pairs of Brooks Pure Cadence for the last few years. If you don't mind sharing, what's your chosen profession? I'm an Environmental Scientist and it seems Texas is a hot bed for people, like myself. that have Geology degrees.
  11. Hi and welcome Druthia! What race are you considering? I'm sure way more creative questions will follow mine, but what parts of the Pacific Coast do you enjoy? The girlfriend and I drove down the Oregon coast a few years ago and it was beautiful. We're in Southern California now, which is a different kind of nice. Where's your favorite place that you've traveled? What's the longest word you've played in Scrabble? See you soon in W*.
  12. HI and welcome Pers! Don't worry about hitting 30. It passes quick; like pulling off a bandaid. Have any cool pics of your Rift dimensions? What class are you looking for play in Wildstar?
  13. Hi and welcome Bluur! So, who'd you sacrifice your first time through ME1: Kaiden or Ashley? I feel your pain on having an overwhelming steam library. The game that bothers me the most when I open Steam is probably The Last Remnant. I'm sort of interested in the story, but don't think it's worth putting ~70 hrs into. What's the one game you know you'll never finish, and why? By the way, Hyna might be putting together a Hearthstone tournament. Here is a link to the thread.
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