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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am Crazyindian from the realm Kil'Jaeden. I'll give you a brief history of my raiding / player versus player experience. In vanilla, I was a holy paladin raiding in the guild <Obscured Reasoning> on the realm Dalaran. We were competing for server firsts and were very successful until the guild started dying and people were getting burnt out. Most of us transferred to Alleria and joined <Risen> which was a top US guild. That's when college started for me and I couldn't raid that much so I stayed casual. My brother quit playing WoW and he was a warrior who also played with me. I took over his toon and then fell in love with my warrior. In Burning Crusade I was the main tank in a 25 man raiding guild on the realm of Alleria. Every since then I have been casually raiding and achieving cleared content in time. In WOTLK / Cata, I was on the realm Arthas, where I went Horde to join my real life friends who actually ended up quitting a little after Cata. They were the ones who got me into this game in 2005. It felt promising to me when they were saying how they will start up a guild, and be the realm first to kill Deathwing. So a little while later they quit . I joined Kil'Jaeden from the guild recruitment forums when a tank spot was needed to kite the bloods on heroic spine. I fulfilled the guilds dream of doing that, and then the guild went Horde. After I cleared 8/8H Dragon Soul I ended up starting my own RBG team on the server. I gathered players from top PvP and PvE guilds and ran as a prot warrior flag carrier and got my rated battleground rating to over 1800. So I am here now stuck here with the Alliance on this realm. My experience with this expansion is 6/16 Normal Mode with a mix of 10 man and 25 man raiding. When I read this post, I noticed that this is the guild I have been looking for. So now I am here apply. Couple of reasons why I am here applying are: Stable Friendy Nice community 25 man Perfect raid times that works with my school schedule. Horde A little bit about myself. I just turned 24 (woo go 1988!) Finally receiving my college degree next year (June 2013) From OHIO Friendly Live Stream my Raids / PvP - twitch.tv/sapu2007 Check it out to see some of my gameplay Outgoing Logs: http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/136531/ Armory: http://us.battle.net...indian/advanced
  2. Greetings all. I am Thwackdaddy, but you can call me Matt. I am a Protection Paladin currently residing on the Shadowsong realm. I am applying to South of Heaven to hit things with my hammer/sword/axe, and have the bosses hit me back. It is really rather masochistic. Some brief history: I have been raiding since classic WoW at a high level. In Classic I raided on my priest as a healer and my mage as a DPS, we made it to kel’thuzad, but did not achieve a kill. Once TBC was released, I ran my own guild and finished 3rd on my server (Scarlett Crusade) at the time. I played Prot on Thwack, and my priest as holy. The progression killed Illidan (pre-nerf) and made it to Mu’ru but did not achieve a kill. In WoTLK I focused on my paladin as my main more firmly, I was mainly holy in wrath. I raided with my guild until the release of ICC. Then my daughter was born and I no longer had time to be GM. It was during this period I moved to Gilneas to raid with a top 200 guild. I did all of ICC25 heroic with the exception of a Heroic Lich king and heroic Professor Putricide kill. I was there however, for several weeks of LK progression. I quit just before the release of Ruby Sanctum to focus on finishing school and finding a job. Now I am back and ready to raid (with a degree in Computer Science and a job, hooray.) I am choosing to main-set as prot currently because I like being in the driver’s seat with mobs and positioning, and I wanted a different challenge other than healing. Although, I am more than willing to heal again. Here is my advanced armory link: http://us.battle.net...kdaddy/advanced I am currently gemmed/reforged/enchanted to make a smoother damage curve, as spiky damage tends to kill tanks. I am at the exp hard cap, and I am capped on hit. This helps generate holy power faster, thus enabling a higher Shield of the righteous uptime, and reducing overall damage taken. My next focus will be mastery to improve my DR from Shield of the Righteous. Here is my in-combat UI. For some reason Mik’s Scrolling combat text is not showing up today, probably due to the patch. I use ElvUI for most of the rest of the UI elements. I use DBM for my bossmod, and Weak Auras for the buttons you see under my character. For healing I use Clique along with the ElvUI raid frames, though I have used grid and VuhDo in the past for healing.
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