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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, My name is Jared and I seen your post on r/evejobs and would be interested in joining the corp if you would have me. I am pretty green to the game right now only have about 34 hours in it. I really like the game and think it would be much better if I had some people to teach me a little more. I really like ship combat and am interested in learning the ropes of PvP. Although I am new to EVE I am a very experienced MMO player having lots of hours in WOW, FFXIV, Destiny, Black Desert, GW2 and Star Citizen. I like to to jump on during the week for an hour or two and on the weekends I can play most of the day if I dont have anything going on. I am in the US EST tome zone 29 year old married with no kids. Please let me know if you need any more information from me and I look forward to speaking and hopefully playing with you soon. Thanks!
  2. Hello all, I saw the post on /r/evejobs the other day and was interested in learning more about yall's group. I'm Davos Shaile in-game to EVE Online, been playing for some years now. I've been with a great group of people for about a year now, although I wanted to try something new. We're in null-sec in one of the big blocs. I was with a roaming pvp group a while back that was great, but sadly ended up closing shop. I've been doing the big group thing for a while, so solo and small gang sort of stuff I'm pretty rusty on so looking for a good community for that sort of thing. From what I've seen reading some other topics and reading the CoC, it seems like this'd be a good place for it. I mainly have been doing PVP, but would be interested in doing more missions, etc. I've been married for about 5 years now, and do work in the IT field (seems alot of people that play this game have some sort of job in that space). Usually end up playing late in the night (US Central) or on the weekends from time to time. Been also playing some more RPG-type games lately, and been looking for some more online communities either with more games than EVE or apart from it. I also play ESO from time to time, haven't played in quite a while, but it'd be fun to do that as part of a group. Looking forward to hearing more from you all
  3. o/ everyone! I am not great in introducing myself but I'll give it a shot My name is Jimmy, I am 19 years old, I live in The Netherlands (Europe) and I trade IT stuff for a living. I will be starting my study in September this year, and I am going to study ICT As for my study I just graduated from high school !! Yeah I did HAVO which is Dutch for: Senior General Secondary Education. And now I have chosen to study ICT! Which Is also one of my main hobbies, from when I was young I was always fascinated by electronics and machines so I was going crazy when I got my first PC it was an old and broken Computer from the junk yard, so I could really do anything with it but after sometime my parents gave me an extra one and from those 2 dead machines I built one working, ever since I loved everything about computers an electronics and I still thank my parents for buying those PC's otherwise I probably wouldn't be here. So now I had my first working PC. and man I loved that thing for a fact I still got it today! On that old crappy machine I played my first games like Putt Putt, Pac Man and all sorts of weird race games So after a few years when I did a lot more with PC's I started gaming (console) and at first I played a lot of single player games, but one day I went on my parents (faster) computer and I figured out how to play a game online and since then I almost never went back to single player games. From the start I loved the interaction with other players and I started to develop both my social skills as well as my English (that helped me a lot during high school), and since then I started playing more MMO games on pc and since 2011 I bought my own gaming laptop! Yay... but realising in 2013 that it hadn't enough power to play the newest games I bought myself a brand new desktop that I am still using today! (I worked 3 years for it...) But nowadays I am still playing console sometimes, I still work with electronics and most of the times I am online playing online games on the PC! And one of my other hobbies is Star Gazing, I love almost everything about space, most because there is little know of and a lot to discover about it. So that is why I also own a decent telescope and I am often in my backyard looking up the sky! I found this community by applying for a corp in EVE online and I met Valence or "Solomon" and immediately I felt like I was in a good and friendly environment so that is one of the reasons I am writing this Introduction! I talked a while with him about EVE and the Corporation and stuff and he was the first guy that I met on EVE that took the time to listen en talk with me... i applied for other bigger Corporations and they were all like fill this in and maybe you got a chance of getting through the recruitment process.... So props to Valence One of my main/important things with playing games is that I like to play with mature and serious player that don't occasionally rage quit, go full mental jacket or be childish and ignorant .... I like to have a good time and some fun That's why I am here! If there is anything you would like to ask me or tell me please send me a private message or reply to this topic! if you want to add me on games or platforms: Xbox Live: Jimmy770 PSN: Jimmy390 Steam: Jimmy390 (red an black profile picture) Origin: Jimmy390 'Idem' Uplay: Chriettiet EVE online: Jimmy Estiras I'll be lurking on the forums and joining mumble occasionally and I am looking forward to talking to you guys! Have a good day and talk to you later! o7
  4. Good day everyone, I was referred to you guys by my RL friend, Chibikuma. I just started EVE and would love to be apart of your Corp! I unfortunately don't bring any experience to the game, but have played many MMO's and games throughout my life. I have been watching tons of videos and reading forms on EVE to get the idea of it. My name on EVE is Bruce Wayhn. I have Mumble and can get any other program that may be required. I look forward to meeting you all and being apart of the wonderful stories that you and your fellow capsuleers have embarked on! Cheers
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