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  1. Hello, nice to meet you! What type of cats you have? We've got two, a Siamese and a tortoise shell. Welping in a glorious fire is a lot of fun I've enjoyed being in a group that doesn't make killboard warriors out of you, just out to have a good time. What's your favorite frigate or destroyer class ship?
  2. Good to meet you and looking forward to flying with you!
  3. Are you in fact Keith David? Looking forward to flying with you!
  4. Thanks! Glad to be here The Davos part is close to my name, and also close to a Dr Who villian from old, and something else I don't quite remember. The Shaile part I believe was just part of the generator. I originally had a character years ago Davos Cal from 2009 I believe, but ended up selling it.
  5. For me, Arizona tea or a soda. My favorite ship is the confessor, I like the look of it and it's fun with all the lasers It's nice to get at some range with it. One of my favorite moments was when I first started, I was in BRAVE, they were still pretty small back then, so got to join in an EWAR frigate and felt like I was helping out, and bringing small fleets against all sorts of stuff. Another was in my current corp, doing talwar fleets with a good group of people and melting the big ships is pretty fun.
  6. Thanks! Will be joining the discord soon Haven't really gotten into that, although have found it interesting. One of the games I'm planning is somewhat based on a paper rpg I believe ( Torment Tides)
  7. Hello all, I saw the post on /r/evejobs the other day and was interested in learning more about yall's group. I'm Davos Shaile in-game to EVE Online, been playing for some years now. I've been with a great group of people for about a year now, although I wanted to try something new. We're in null-sec in one of the big blocs. I was with a roaming pvp group a while back that was great, but sadly ended up closing shop. I've been doing the big group thing for a while, so solo and small gang sort of stuff I'm pretty rusty on so looking for a good community for that sort of
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