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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, everyone. I've returned to EVE after an absence of several years, and am looking for a good corp to join. Blades of Grass controls the area where I was active, before, and after a bit of thrashing about, everyone recommended I talk to you guys. I started out with a pirate-hunting corp (The Department of Justice), and that remains my most favorite thing to do (despite the risk and the chronic losses...). However, out in 0.0, I led successful small-ship commerce raids against alliance foes and, although I do have the needed siege battleships, small-ship operations remains my second favorite thing to do, after hunting pirates. The two skill-sets overlap, quite a bit. I'm a few months away from reaching Gallentean carrier, but that's my primary goal, currently. After that, I'll probably train up capital ships, but I don't know that I'm all that keen on super-caps. I like the smaller ship operations best, even though I recognize that the realities of 0.0 warfare means one just about has to learn to fly at least capital gunships, eventually. I hope I get the chance to get to know you guys.
  2. Hi there, I'm looking to roll a Monk and enjoy the ARR experience again before picking up Heavensward. I live in a EST time zone. A little about me: I dabbled in FFXIV pre-ARR during its groan worthy era. When ARR was launched I fell in deep 'like' with the redesign and played a character on Sargantas to the end of the main story, then got a bit bored as there weren't a ton of side activities at the time, and grinding dungeons for currencies wasn't enough of a draw. After a long break I'm now hoping there's more off-raid activities to peak my interest while I happily putter about. I will take part in Raids and such, but I need to break up my activities so the repetition doesn't get to me. Thanks very much! P.S. I'll be rolling a new character tonight on your home server, if I get the name I'll post it here P.S.S. I forgot about how servers fill up period! I may be outta luck :S
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