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FFXIV App/Intro


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GAH! I just spent 20 minutes typing out this giant app/intro, then brilliant me decided to switch tabs to check something out, and then I lost my beautiful app!


So, instead of the lengthy app I had started and almost completed, I will give you the condensed version:

My rl name is Mike (ign: Beboo Bomina), im 35, and I'm Canadian eh?! I have been married to the love of my life for 6 glorious months now. I work for an aquatic environmental consulting company, and travel a ton for work in the spring/summer/fall, so my play time can be pretty varied, depending on my work schedule. In the winter I am home much more so my play time is a little more regular.


I have been playing MMO's since 2002(ish), and got hooked on them thanks to Dark Age of Camelot (Best Game Ever!!!!). Have also played EQ2, LotRO, WoW, Rift, CoH, Rappelz, and many others.


Basically, I am looking for a place to call home. The current FC I belong to has 6 people in it (I am one of those 6). Two of those six haven't logged in to the game in about 3 months. The other 3 seem  to play when I am not on. I am looking for an FC that has a few more people in it!


I am a casual player at heart. I am mature, respectful and helpful, and am in no way, shape or form an 'eliteist'. I play video games to have fun, relax, and spend some time with some good people. My main focus in FFXIV has been crafting so far - I have 4 DoH to level 50, and only a BRD at level 50 for combat classes.


If you think I might be somewhat of an acceptable fit, please let me know - reading through some of the other app/intros - I am assuming that I can expect some questions asked of me - lay it on me!!!!




PS: I am leaving for 3 weeks tomorrow morning, and will not have internet access starting on Monday, so is it seems like I am ignoring you - i'm not, I just can't check my post! If you would like to delay my application process until I get back, I am totally cool with that too!

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Hey there people!


I am out of the bush and back in the land of the internet, so if you are still recruiting, I was hoping to continue my application process. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you, and hope that I will be a good fit with South of Heaven.

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