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  1. Wow, I remember when I first read Tamora Pierce in middle school. I loved the Alanna quartet. I used to reread everything she wrote in that realm every Christmas break. +1000000! Welcome, welcome! ^___^
  2. Tyrlis already announced this here, but I wanted to say it again! Congratulations to Sargon and Darish on their promotion to Veterans for their loyal and awesome participation in our GW2 chapter. You both deserve the promotion. \o/
  3. !! What a promotion!! Fera, I <3 you. Congratulations! \o/ I've loved my time in the GW2 chapter!
  4. Hello! I'm not playing AA, but I saw your application and had to greet you. Hope you enjoy your time with SoH!
  5. Welcome to SoH (eh?)! People will be along with words and things to say soon. ^_^
  6. Congratulations to Killer (a.k.a. Mesmerical) for his promotion to Member through our GW2 chapter! \o/
  7. Hohenheim... FMA ftw! Welcome to SoH ^.^ MMA sounds awesome. I've always wanted to try it out!
  8. Hello, and welcome to SoH! I will go ahead and move your introduction topic to the Public Access area where all our introductions are located, adding the [FFXIV] tag to it as well. Hope you enjoy your time playing with SoH!
  9. Hello, Mesmerical! Welcome to SoH. I'm glad you had a good time participating n dWvW, and I hope you continue to have fun with us!
  10. Belated congrats to the WS new members and congrats again to the new vets
  11. http://m.youtube.com/results?q=bboy&sm=3
  12. What a lovely application! We all love Rohj, and I absolutely can't wait to get to know you better, Alkaia! Hope you enjoy gaming with SoH for GW2 and WS. I've added you to the roster for GW as an intern. Shout out if you need help! I think Fera? may be sending you a message on the forums to give you an in-depth debriefing of SoH. ^_^ Once you are granted access to the forums from an admin, you can feel free to browse our subforums. When you do, please respond where applicable read and sign the Code of Conduct here GW2 Chapter new member orientation here We use forums A LOT so make yourself at home! What kind of dog do you have? I love dogs!
  13. If you ever do get it on video, I wanna watch it! Hmmm, have you ever seen Ergo Proxy? Or GitS? People who like FLCL And Samurai Champloo usually liked those as well (at least in my experience). How bout FMA: B? So curious! I haven't in a really long time, but I used to play adc a lot. I also used to solo top with Teemo XD. It was awesome. All teh mushrooms! <3
  14. That tower was horrible D; JPs might be the bane of my existence. so much bad. Come group with me! <3 It'll be fun I can have pets, but I don't want a puppy cooped up in a cage all day. Maybe soon, cause I gotta get my adorableness fix soon. I needs it. Speaking of... Ahahahah. Your dogs are precious. Do you have dog shoes for them when they go out! XD I'm curious if you made those clothes or bought them for the pups.
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