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Greetings all! I have been playing WoW Classic and just created a horde character named Moshzu. I was planning on playing solo but did some looking for guilds on the BB discord server. I have read and agree with the Code of Conduct posted on your web site. I mostly just plan on being a casual player with no real end game goals at this time. The guild name is what lead me here, having been to see a certain band several times back in the 90's.... I will try to contact someone in game or on discord tonight. 

Thanks for your consideration, 

Moshzu, Troll Shaman

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Just a little more about me as the above post was made on my cell while pushing a cart though the grocery store-

I am in my mid 40's. Former military (82nd Airborne Division), married, work as a critical care RN in the Pacific NW. Avid hiker/camper/wannabe mountain climber. I play and run weekly table top RPG's (currently FFG Star Wars and Pathfinder 1e). Huge Star Wars fan.

Been playing MMO's since UO. Mostly PC/computer games since Bard's Tale I-II-III on a Commodore VIC-20/64/128 (for those of you old enough to know what that means). I played WoW since 2005-ish through WotLK primarily in progression raiding guilds, then have been back to visit with each expansion, the most time played in Legion.  Other games I have played: GW2, SW Galaxies, SWTOR, Black Desert Online, Portal, all the PC D&D games in the 80's and 90's, Republic Commando, EVE Online, most Star Wars PC games, Battlefield games, Overwatch, and dozens of others that I can't remember at the moment. I tend to like games that have some sort of social/team element. That's all the news that's currently fit to print!

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