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Psychosis - Intro

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So intro.... Have played since Vanilla (Alliance back then) went horde after BC and never looked back.  Played up till the end of MoP and just decided it was time to leave for awhile came back to playing about a month ago to play with some friends and just have some fun again.  No raiding (at least progression) don't really have the computer for it atm having fun being casual for once and just relaxing :)  Oh and names Eric lol :D





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Hail and well met Eric, I'm Kaze, AKA Ikari, AKA Dave.

Good choice swapping sides, Horde forever!


Just a few questions

1. Among the many Erics in literature or history which do you identify with the most?

2. If you had to pick one food and one drink to subsist on for the rest of time, what would they be?

3. Did Garrosh do anything wrong?

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