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  1. I would've responded sooner but every time I read your name my ADHD kicked in and I'd hav
  2. Hail and well met Eric, I'm Kaze, AKA Ikari, AKA Dave. Good choice swapping sides, Horde forever! Just a few questions 1. Among the many Erics in literature or history which do you identify with the most? 2. If you had to pick one food and one drink to subsist on for the rest of time, what would they be? 3. Did Garrosh do anything wrong?
  3. You could have stopped here. *Turns up Space Truckin'
  4. My goodness, I should have realize that. My kid loves that movie, but I admit, I never paid attention to the chameleon's name. the 3 more common things are. Blaise Pascal - a scientist in the 17th century which furthered our understanding of physics on many levels. As well as having designed the first successful mechanical calculating machine. PASCAL - a computer language that is used to torture high school students who take "intro to programming" Pascal (SI unit of stress) - named after the man above (due to his work on measuring atmospheric pressure and vacuum )
  5. Hullo, Of the 3 common things connected to your name, which is your favorite?
  6. Closed off cliques, hate em, inversely what i look for is membership that are more or less open to including people in whatever content might be getting done. Dr. Manhattan and Damage (zero hour). Horrifyingly enough - Panda Express, I love me some kung pao chicken.
  7. 1. I convinced the professor in one of my early databaseing courses they should just give everyone an A and not make us come in any longer because the computer lab we were assigned to had nothing but iMacG3. 2. I mean, do I get a bag or sheet or something to contain them, I'd at least want a burp cloth or something, pigeons poo a lot. But going by volume 7, I could probably hold on to 7. Can't promise they wouldn't get squished. 3. Discord, Reddit, and Spotify. Newer cars don't have CD players so I gotta get my Manowar in somehow.
  8. Hello SoH I'm Dave! I've been playing WoW since it came out back in 2004 on and off. I didn't get seriously into raiding in wow until my guild in EQ broke up right before TBC was released so I shifted my attention here along with a number of IRL friends. I was a raid leader for most of TBC and WoTLK for a few guilds on Burning Blade. During that time period I met my wife in game and I took a more casual approach to the game while getting settled IRL. I've raided in nearly every expansion mixing casual with some heroic (mythic) and taking breaks here and there due to moving/job/kid. Most recent
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