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  1. Hey thanks! Sorry I missed the announcement last week...
  2. Hey, more west-coasters! Glad to see you online some, what other roles do you like to take on in fleets after tackle/scout?
  3. I have read the code and agree with it entirely.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
  5. So, I'm getting a little jaded with San Diego, but that's primarily because I don't get to enjoy the city so much. I live in a suburb-ish area that doesn't have much for good food or interesting sights, but it's close to work. It's a great place if you value your weekends and like to be out in the sun all the time. Personally though, I still haven't fully adjusted to the lack of seasons though. Yeah.. the split was kind of planned but kind of impatience. I knew that it didn't make sense to try to roll everything into one character because it would take too long to get into certain things, and it actually works out really well. I found that I could participate in just about every fleet op with the skills I had between the two, and could do some doubling up in fleets from time to time if they were BS doctrines, one would do dps and one would logi, but that was in the days of space potatoes and drone assist--very glad to be done with that. Worst ship loss is probably a tengu on my original character, first attempt at a superior sleeper cache and it didn't go so well... The fact that I messed it up wasn't so bad, but I had the oddest looking fit. It was a combination of pve exploration and pvp covops hunting that was tanked for ghost sites.
  6. 1. I like to do street photography walking around in downtown areas looking for interesting perspectives. In the same vein I try to catch some nice shots when getting together with friends and family, usually trying to capture the mood of the moment. 2. I'm studying structural biology, so I primarily use a rather strong electromagnet to determine the 3D structure of proteins. I'm working on a system involved in RNA processing that occurs before RNA is translated into a protein sequence. 3. Ahh, the Amarr... it's the obvious choice I know. I like them for the drama primarily, there was a good fiction series that was based on amarr marines quelling a minmatar uprising that was a good read actually, can't seem to find it now. The only downside is the gaudy ships. 4. Dunno poker that well, but I'd never be able to hide the grin, so I'd probably be better off to fold regardless
  7. Hello hello, I've talked with a few of you over the past week and joined the corp this weekend, so for those of you that haven't seen me, HI! I am returning null vet (maybe bitter.. you'll have to decide) who was part of FCON/CFC for a few years. I've been out of EvE for almost a year and a half now, so I've missed all the WWB fun (and propaganda), but have more time to be in space now. While listening to the EvE "celebrities" on comms was entertaining, I kind of got burnt out with the culture of the larger groups and the callousness of most of the leadership. The corp I was in was small and a nice group of people, but it was spread across all timezones which made it hard to interact a lot. Coming back, I was interested in finding a corporation that was 1) conducive to people with real life obligations and 2) was closer to the timezone I was active in. Also, I never consolidated all my assets I left in Branch, so win-win! I've spent most of my time in null and have lots of experience with alliance/coalition level ops and know how to contribute as a ship of the line or logi in doctrine based fleets. I have two characters, one focused on carriers down to HACs and another that is T2/T3 cruiser-frigate oriented. However, I do really enjoy small-gang activities, I'm just not as experienced in it. I had started doing some combat probing, but I'm probably terrible at it now, and I can dust off a BLOPS if anyone is interested in doing some covops hunting. As a person, I've been playing EvE since mid 2012. I'm nearing the end of my Ph.D. work in San Diego, so I'm Pacific TZ and am on nights during the week and variable times over the weekend depending on experiments, otherwise I travel once or twice a month to visit my wife who just started med school. I'm 30 years old and an easygoing person who may not talk a lot in a big group, but I'll gladly get involved in a conversation with a few people if I can contribute or if someone has questions for me directly. Outside of EvE, I am a grad student--so not much of a life I do, however, have distant memories of getting outside to go for hikes and backpacking or doing trail runs. Oh, and I like photography. Game-wise, I play Overwatch some (and PS2 before that) but I'm not an amazing FPS gamer, just something for wasting short time periods. I guess it's time for questions??
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