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    I approved!
  2. [FFXIV] Mucha Malucha

    I was denied access when joining.
  3. [FFXIV] Mucha Malucha

    Yes! I'm joining in right now.
  4. [FFXIV] Mucha Malucha

    I'm pretty sure there are awesome things to do in Texas that I can't do here.
  5. Hey, @Midri told me you're a digital designer as well. Do you have a portfolio where I can see your work?

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    2. Mucha Malucha

      Mucha Malucha

      Good to know, might have a project in the future were we can work together.

    3. Minori


      Very cool :) I've been doing a lot of training and support lately, so I miss it.

    4. Mucha Malucha

      Mucha Malucha

      Any website you have work on lately that I can see?

  6. [FFXIV] Mucha Malucha

    Whatever time or day works for me since I'm currently working from home. The faster, the better. I want to start playing again.
  7. [FFXIV] Mucha Malucha

    Hello everyone, I recently posted on reddit looking to move from server and to join a FC. I’ve got some replies and private message, but so far you guys have been the one who caught up my attention. A little about myself. I’m 27 years old male who currently works freelance in the advertising industry. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico but I lived in other places like Europe, United States and Asia. I’m a proud medical cannabis patient, music enthusiast who loves different types of genres and mostly mellow with critical thinking. If I’m not playing, I’m usually by the beach drinking a couple of beers, learning new things that can help me become better in my career or designing. I’m currently in the process of learning 3D with Blender. I haven’t play a lot of MMOs except for FFXI when it came out for Xbox 360 and Guild Wars 2. I loved FFXI, specially because of the LS I was in back then. Engaging and meeting other players is what really made it magical for me. When I played GW2 all I did was pretty much soloing, didn’t make any friends and got bored after a month and quit playing it. I’m coming back to ARR after playing some of the free hours they offer recently. I’m a low level THM, currently finishing the main story and hoping to be a BLM, but who knows I might end up been some other jobs after all. I’m hoping to learn from all of you. Cheers!