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  1. Bears these days...



  2. Hope you're ready for ultimate! :3

    1. Minori


      Hmm, do you have a diagram? hehe

  3. I finally replaced my old keyboard with regular Cherry MX Red keys to one that uses Cherry MX Silent keys. The difference in sound between the regular keys and silent keys is awfully nice! It feels kind of like an old membrane keyboard, but much more solid and responsive. My old keyboard was super sensitive and always bugged me.  A+, would type again.

    1. Minori
    2. Darlantan


      I love my K70 and its red switches :thumbup:

    3. Minori


      I definitely prefer how solid the K70 is compared to this new one, but the sensitivity drives me crazy. x.x

  4. Came back from comic con with some swag thinking of you.



  5. Soma Ishimura

    Uhh 🤔 I think Midri should be around today to chat. I'm out all week, but hope to see you soon!
  6. Hey! We just talked about 10 minutes ago, and I just was wondering where should I post my "app"? :O

    1. Minori


      Take a look at Public Access. See you soon!

  7. [FFXIV] Brayden's Intro

    Irasshaimase, Mat-chan. :3 Brayden is a good friend of mine that I met way back in 2.0, but we've always kept in touch. I've been bugging and bugging him to play again, so here we are!
  8. Mr. Face Luvs It



    1. Midri


      The variety of dances we have in this game is staggering!

  9. Minori at level 70. :)



    1. Hioki


      French Bred mage?

    2. Xander117


      I want to make a stickman joke here but Id be worried id see Minori on the news whacking people with a stick if i did.

  10. Live letter today..!

  11. D&D food. Thanks, Reddit!