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  1. Promotions!

    Congrats to @itzwoody on promotion to Member!
  2. Hi SoH

    I was forced into alliance once, but horde is best! Always! I’ll be online to invite you in a couple hours. See you then I’ll also get you set up on the forums so that you can poke around.
  3. Hi SoH

    Hey there, future internet friend! Glad to see you found us. Let me know your in game name and I'll toss you an invite. I'll also give you the official rundown about what SoH is about and give you access to what you need! I'm also a big fan of dogs, but since I live in the city, I'm relegated to whispering "ermigerd" when one gets close to me.
  4. Promotions!

    Congrats to @Kvothe Lightfinger on promotion to Member!
  5. Hey, friends!

    LOL! So handsome.
  6. Hey, friends!

    Hey Jankk, Good to see you on the forums! It sounds like we're a good match for what you're looking for. Are you around tonight before 8pm EST, or tomorrow later in the night for a Mumble / discord chat? We can fill you on details about the FC and community. I should be online around 6pm, so I can invite you to the FC then. Do you have any pets? More importantly, any pet pictures? Again, welcome!
  7. Hello SoH

    Hey Kvo, are you around today around 8 - 8:30 est? No one has showered you with questions, so here we go! - Tacos or burritos? - Do you have any pets, and if so, are you going to save them from spontaneous exploding animal syndrome by posting pics here? - Have you ever seen Sound! Euphonium?
  8. Introduction and Hellos

    It’s kinda buried Server Info: lion.mumbleboxes.com port: 36003
  9. Introduction and Hellos

    Hey Woody! You should have forum access now. Super Goose will contact you at some point for a mumble chat. That's cool that you played WoW - I was in a top 200 guild for a little while. FFXIV has some really fun raids, but they're very different from WoW. WoW is like playing DDR, while FF is more like synchronized swimming, hehe. Anyway, I'm the FC crafter, so if you need anything made, let me know! Welcome!
  10. Season 13

    I’ve been playing casually. I can do torment 5 on my wizard.
  11. Bears these days...



  12. Hope you're ready for ultimate! :3

    1. Minori


      Hmm, do you have a diagram? hehe