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    Hi I was born and raised in Utah. SLC area. Most of my time has been in Utah or New Mexico Albuquerque area. Currently live near Seattle WA. I would love to go to Brazil and take a river boat ride up the amazon. I like tropical fish and would love to see some of the natural habitat. Rain forest or Jungle sounds cool. Ha not really they sound Hot.
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    I Like HACs. The sac and cerb are great and the ishtar too. I enjoy the guardian sometimes but only if I have no other distractions going on around me. I find logi much harder than DPSing. I generally use Shield for PVE and armor for PVP. I can fly either doctrine. A thousand years Yikes. I better get something I can sleep to. Or maybe
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    The use of Adult in the Title prompted me to read it. I liked the the short bullet points they are descriptive and too the point. Classy tight knit all sound great. The link to the Blade of Grass page sealed the deal for me contact you.
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    Ha Thanks for the welcome 1. None try not to eat flour or corn 2 Pulled Pork with cheese no Tortilla 3. Scott Adams. The Dilbert author Love his comics blog and twitter.
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    Hello, I would like to join your corporation. I have been playing EVE since 2006. I have done HS missions, LS pirating, NS sov, and Wormholes. I have been living in wormholes recently and I am ready for a change and would like to try NS again. I really like your recruitment advert on the eve forum along with the alliance philosophy. I have been away from NS a long time. I left NS for WH shortly after the Halloween war in Fountain. I have a lot to catch up on and learn. Sov and capital ships have had some big changes. I like video games. I have played EQ, EQ2 WOW and many others. I have a PS4, XBOX and a computer to my wife's dismay. EVE is the one game I keep coming back too. I guess like having consequences when you loose. I played on PVP server in both EQ and WOW. I live on the west coast and usually play PT in the evenings 0200 ish UTC and also have to time to play for a couple hours around 1600 UTC. I am an adult, male, married and old. I have children older than many of you I am sure. I was in the USAF for 27 Years. I have a dog too. A dachshund our second one. They are cool dogs when they are not barking. I sent my API via EVE mail to your leadership and hope to see you in EVE soon. Rick