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  1. Well thank you for your help in ESO and I am sorry to see you go. I wish you well in both your gaming and life endeavors!
  2. Thank you. I am glad to be part of this group! Good and enjoyable people!
  3. I do solemnly swear to abide by above mentioned Code of Conduct for SoH ! (Right hand Raised and Left hand on bible) (grinning)
  4. Sardok

    Well Met

    Hello Simone, thank you for inviting me to join. My account name is Sardok954. I have observed conversations within the game where guilds recruit and use discord as one of the selling points. Not knowing what that was I did some research and downloaded it to my PC, but since I have never used it....I have much to learn. I will check out the MOTD and try to figure my way through it. I can't promise to join in tomorrow night but I hope to join in group nights in the near future. Of the five characters I probably enjoy my Sorcerer the most. Since I have been playing totally so
  5. Sardok

    Well Met

    Well Met, Although I am not new to MMO's but I would be new to guild play in ESO. I played EQ2 for years and I was in a small guild there before life happened and everyone went their separate ways. I started playing ESO about a year ago and I have always played solo. I currently have 5 characters in the game all at level 50+, with level 50 crafters in each crafting category. Than being said I have accomplished much within the game and I have no problems helping anyone I can, but I also believe I still have much to learn. I noticed in your guild description you indicated you
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