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  1. Keg


    Thanks I had fun too. Didn't expect to play quite so much but you know what they say about how time flies!
  2. Keg

    Hello and Intro

    What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  3. Keg


    Hello Simone. I did read about the new cohort and it sounds like it might be a good fit. I wouldn't mind getting into archage again and get some more use out of my fishing boat again if that's the game chosen. I had such a cool house of thunder island...I think that was the name lol. -oh fondest memory from a game I played thats a vast topic. In GW2 I ran with a small guild called Better Luck Next Time and, not to toot our horn, we were all quite good. I ran DD Ele back before they got nerfed. I loved DD ele for the quickness needed to pull off the different combos and it always felt great to dive face first into a huge group that was unaware you were there. Me and the 2 other DD eles in the guild were called the attack dogs lol...but I digress. Truly the best memories I have of any game I spent a lot of hours playing were the other players. Although my gaming buddies have diminished over the years and many don't even play games anymore I still have people I am in touch with from my EQ days and consider them as good of friends as the people I grew up with. Games come and go and I hope to meet some more people to game with. -Favorite beer....bourbon....does that work? hahaha I enjoy Porch Rocker by Sam Adams -East Coast up in NH in the Lakes Region....loooove it here! Thanks for the questions. I am looking forward to see where the cohort goes!
  4. Keg


    Hello Rohj. Yes I’m looking forward to it as well. Now on to the important stuff... -favotire element and why hmmmm I would have to say Earth. Everything and everyone needs a solid foundation. I feel like earth represents strength both physically and mentally. -best meal...wow thats interesting. I would have to say the best meal is the first dinner I ever made for my wife. Double baked potatos, baked stuffed mushrooms and a lovely garlic cauliflower puree. The reason it’s my favorite is not the taste though....I was 22 and didn’t cook much at the time and wanted to impress the pretty girl I met out by the pool. It really didn’t taste that great at all but the boxed wine we were drinking at the hostel where we met made sure we didn’t care too much!....yes boxed wine -wood 100% love the feel, texture, smell and look. I enjoy building furniture and am a poor woodcarver but woodworking is one of my hobbies I enjoy very much. Thanks for taking the time to ask me some questions.
  5. Keg


    I'm paying attention promise. I will gladly answer any questions people have. Discord. great! Rebuilt my pc last year and lost a lot of stuff...including mumble info. I will have a look at the linked post. Cheers!
  6. Keg


    Hello! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I game by the names Keg, Holykeg, Shrapnel and Shrap...(we all know how it goes getting the names we want lol). I became aware of SoH years ago when ArchAge first launched. I got my farmstead up and running and found myself neighbors with a friendly and chatty Fera and she told me all about SoH!. After Archage ran its course life got in the way but eventually we met up again in Trove. I played with her, Platy and Huntyre for a bit working on their cool club world and grinding away. Fast forward some more years and here I am finally putting an introduction in the forums and hoping to find a place in a gaming community. I have been gaming for quite a while...(without dating myself too much) my first MMO experience was with EQ when I was in high school and throughout college. I loved that game! I have almost 3k hours in GW2, waaaay too much of my life was spent in WoW(Duskwood and Lightbringer servers) I spent a couple years playing Life is Feudal on RP servers and also ran a server for some time that had quite a healthy population. I dabbled in DayZ on a couple RP servers but it wasn't quite the game for me. Now I find with kids, going back to school(RN) and life in general I have been playing much more casual games. Sea of Thieves is one I play regularly now with a friend, Idle Heroes on my phone and pretty much any survival/crafting/open world game that takes my fancy...currently pestering Fera about My Time in Portia to decide if I want to give another EA game a shot. I hope to join SoH and have a community that I enjoy playing with without the pressures of being elite etc. It's all about having fun for me now. Thanks for taking the time to read my long winded greeting! Hope to game with SoH soon. ~Shrap, Keg
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