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  1. Damn... the calendar didn't warn me >.< 

    1. Grieve


      Aw... :(


      Well, donations are always accepted. You'll just miss seeing my lovely face on stream :D


    2. Fera


      Yes! And that annoys me too ^^

  2. Promotions!

    Grats to all! \o/
  3. Necromancer!

  4. Promotions!

    Grats to all!
  5. Missin' mah peeps! Been stomping through new content in Trove when I have time. Fun!

  6. It looks like I may have an "as-is" buyer for my residence \o/  


    This means that when I leave I can focus on new house fun and not worry about returning to the area for anything other than a fun visit. Such excite! He's a flipper that lives around the corner, lol, so he knows how nice this neighborhood is (and should fully comprehend the kind of deal he's getting!) He's going to make bank on this house, but I'm happy to not have any additional work to do including hauling away a ton of crap, repairing, repainting or general clean-up! Double excite!!

    1. Ashin


      Crossing my fingers for you, friend.

    2. Dililah


      That is so awesome!!!!  Good luck!!

    3. Huntyre


      Fantastic news!

  7. I'm freaking out... I sold my rental to my tenant last week. He died last night. I saw him in the morning and he complained his BP was low. I told him to smoke, drink and get in a fight while waiting for our neighbor, a hospice worker who takes our vitals, to get home. I was joking of course. I did caution him to see his doctor if his vitals weren't any better. I should have told him to go to the hospital right then and there but I had no way of knowing how serious it was -- he was otherwise alert and active as always. He was supposed to watch my cats this week while Platy & I went house-hunting in MN -- now it looks like I may be adopting his 2 geriatric furbabies if no one else steps up. I don't think I actually have a word for how I feel.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Huntyre
    3. Derodek


      I can't even imagine how shocking that'd be. Jeez.

    4. Midri


      I'm so sorry to hear that! :(

  8. Happy 4th of July folks!


    I finally sold my rental and will be traveling to Huntyre's neck of the woods in another week or so to look for a home. If we find something straightaway, THEN the real fun begins... packing, moving (with 3 cats in tow!), returning to N.O. for a garage sale, cleanup and possible fix-up of current residence for listing. Somewhere in there I have to buy new furniture, paint/nest (or reno?) new house, and take a breath, lol. Wish me luck!

  9. Promotions!

    Congratulations to all of our recent (and not so recent) promotions! I hope you love it here as much as I do \o/
  10. Happy Mardi Gras folks! 




  11. Just finished making a large pot chicken & veg stoup. It's hot, delicious and oh-so comforting. Wish I could share with my SoH family!

  12. It's 74F outside. I'm wearing shorts & sandals and have a fan trained on me. WTF?

    1. Tinymanz


      Global warming doesn't exist

    2. Fera


      Yep -- it's all a lie!

  13. I'm home from the wintry tundra of MN where I have a terribly messy house and a pile of laundry to do... fun! :|

    1. Tinymanz


      I'm in the same situation...only difference is that I remain in the wintry tundra of Ontario.

    2. Tyrlis


      It's only cold for like... 6 months out of the year!