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  1. Fera

    Intro, ESO player

    Syy! \o/ Welcome to SoH forums! I'm sure a few of our other members will be along to harass, um welcome you soon, lol, so remember to check back. They will likely ask you some questions, some silly, some serious -- just answer as best you can! Actually, I do have one: do you currently have any pets? If so, would you be willing to post a pic? If you don't, which kind of pet would you like to have? (hint: say "cat" lol) I've changed your forum rank to Recruit, which will give you greater access to our forums. Poke around and make yourself at home :) p.s. I started a part-time job this week so I won't be on every day like you've seen. I do, however, look forward to chatting with you on the days I am in game! We can grab a dungeon then too if you wish :D Cya in game!
  2. Fera


    I'm just going to put these here and ask that you read them closely. The rest will sort itself out ^^ Code of Conduct 5 Dirty Words
  3. Fera

    Intro, A Tamriel Wanderer

    I've changed your forum rank to Recruit so you can poke around some and check us out. We take our forums seriously in that we actually use them, not as much nowadays due to Discord, but Discord doesn't allow for easily accessible or searchable posts for relevant information. Anyway, poke around and vet us while we're vetting you, lol. We're not just a single-title game guild, although if you only stay during your ESO experience, that's fine ---- but we'd prefer it if you made us your home away from home, so to speak ^^ We play lots of games and you're welcome to join any/all of them, as you please.
  4. Fera


    Congratulations to our newest Members! @Sardok and @breeze108
  5. Fera


  6. Fera

    Intro, A Tamriel Wanderer

    Hi Adam -- I'm glad you found us; often folks who do soon realize SoH fits much of their gaming needs/desires, which along with our general ethos, explains our 14 yr tenure as a gaming community. But enough with the hard sell, lol, and on to the fun bit! The get-to-know-you questions... I think you're roughly 8 hrs ahead of us in time. Will that negatively impact our ability to group with you? We have a new player from Australia who is 13 hrs ahead and I seem to catch him daily, which is great! (he plays at night and I'm often on in the morning so I'm having coffee while he's having a beer! lol) From your vantage point, what's it like in the future? Is the weather nice? xD Your English is superb... how did that come about? (some countries require English to be taught in school, not sure about yours!) What exactly is an "English educator" in Russia? It sounds spiffy! My husband is 6'4 but the little 5'2 lady now has to go trim the hedges, lol. Why? you ask.... pfft, I wish I knew. Once you accept your invite, please check out the MOTD (guild tab, house icon upper right side) -- it will provide you with details on joining Discord (which we use for guild-wide type/chat) and the all-important Mumble (which we use for voice chat). Mumble is finicky, but once it's setup, it's entirely trouble free (go to www.sourceforge.com for the download). I'll register you as a user as soon as I see you in the lobby, then you can move about freely. I hope to see you in game soon!!
  7. Starting a part-time summer job this Thursday so won't be online to manage Admin requests until the evening 4 days a week :D

  8. Fera

    Intro, Primarily Destiny 2 player

    Heya Rundown -- glad you found us! Welcome to the last gaming community you (and possibly your friends) will ever need! lol But seriously, I genuinely hope you enjoy playing Dest.2 w/ Grieve and his group. I'm playing ESO atm and dabbling in a couple other games when I have time, but I wanted to stop by and say "hi" and ask you a few get-to-know-you type questions.... 1) Do you have any pets? If they aren't cats, how-come-why? Get cats! lol 2) What are you favorite pizza toppings? 3) What person in history would you most like to have a conversation with? Why? Ok then -- I'll pester you no more ^^ Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions about SoH -- and have fun!!
  9. Fera

    Intro, FFXIV Returning Player

    Here I am, laughing like a madwoman @ "crotch fruit." Thanks for that, lol. Hi Morgan! Welcome to SoH. I hope I get a chance to game with you somewhere down the line (I'm playing ESO atm); meanwhile, make yourself at home.
  10. Fera

    Intro-Returning ESO player

    Hi there! We'd love to hear more about you. I know, I know --- Introductions are sometimes tedious and nerve-wracking. Not a lot of people like to talk about themselves (and then there are those that do! lol) My intro to SoH was entitled "Fresh Meat" and I had fun writing it. Good thing, too, b/c the peeps here get after the funny sometimes xD Do you like animals? I'm a cat lover myself. What I like best about pets is they don't actually care if you're a screwball. I have 3 cats atm and would adopt all the cats everywhere (!!) if my husband wouldn't totes have a cow. I suppose Chaos would have a cow, too, and his brother and sister Loki and Luna(tic). Ok, other stuffs now.... SoH has been a gaming community for nearly 14 yrs. We play lots of games from pretty much all genres. Once you've been added to the roster, I'll change your forum rank so you can poke around a bit and get a feel for who we are, etc. Nice folks -- open minded and compassionate. Feel free to be exactly who you are ^ I look forward to gaming with you
  11. Fera

    Intro to madestro

    Hi Jason! Glad you found us .... but just so you know, we're not ALL "great fellas"!! I, myself, am a great feline! rawr! I'm also a female feline ^^ I often play during the day so if you're around, say "hi" to me. Would love to chat w/ you on mumble about your beautiful country, one I would love to see ❤️
  12. Fera


    Hi Jim -- glad you found us. I'll alter your forum rank to Recruit so you can poke around a bit. Do return to this site often, particularly the ESO section and hit up our Code of Conduct in the Guild Policy section. Now to offer you some SoH cool-aid, lol. We're not just in ESO, SoH plays many many games and is considered a large but tight-knit gaming community. We have twice monthly game nights (led by Grieve and posted here on boards) that involve anyone/everyone who wishes to play that title that night. That's found in Gaming Buzz if you're interested. So, if/when ESO fatigue sets in, look around our boards to see if there's a group playing a game you're jazzed about. I look forward to seeing you in game! Oops, almost forgot..... definitely download Mumble! It'll make answering those questions a lot easier! (we all had them, lol, the learning curve in this game is crazy)
  13. Fera

    intro to Harmacist

    Hi Harmacist Do you currently have a dog? If so, what kind and can we see pics? ^^ Although I'm a devoted cat-lover, I've had a couple dogs -- an Afghan hound rescue named Plato who was, in fact, the dumbest dog on the planet, lol. He was, however, also the very sweetest. He'd contracted mange and looked very unlike an Afghan. My other was a wolf-husky mix, who I cherished till the day she passed. Lovely creature, and one of a kind. Some other folks (who play Dest.2) will likely drop by and say "hi" but they may be raiding tonight so it might not be right away!
  14. Fera

    TipTappers Introduction

    Hi Tip -- welcome! Someone from Dest.2 will be along any moment to post, but in the meantime tell me why cats are the very best pets to have? xD
  15. Fera

    Well Met

    Hi Sardok! I'm delighted you found us -- it'll be nice to have a contemporary to hang with, hehe (I'm 54). I gotta scoot right now but I will alter your forum rank so you have more access and I'm definitely looking forward to chatting w/ you in game! Cya soon