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  1. Hi

    Hiya! I have a couple get-to-know you type questions! How old are you? What is the most impressive thing you know how to do? If you were to rule a moon of Jupiter, would you try to peacefully co-habitate w/ the existing denizens, or would you try to wipe them out or possibly enslave them? Just to ram home Simone's point, SoH is decidedly un-cliquish. In are large chapters, we've worked very hard to remain as inclusive as possible. And, we get to know our members as people rather than mere pixels (which is why our gaming community has such a long tenure and yet, remains dynamic). I hope to see you in game!
  2. Greetings from Luxtago

    Ahh, a kindred spirit -- hello and welcome!! I'm the resident elder I think (54, female), have a super cool hubs, 3 insane cats (siblings Chaos, Loki & Luna(tic), live in MN (but from New Orleans) and generally play a healer. Are you sure we're not related? lol My sorc hit 50 last week and I still have almost no idea what I'm doing ^^ We do have a great crew, though, mostly nooby but have a few higher CP players who are generous w/ their knowledge. Folks from the gaming community may stop by and say "hi" and possibly ask you a few questions (often silly) in an effort to get to know you a bit more. Share only that which you're willing to divulge to internet strangers lol (and strange we are! xD) Meanwhile, I'm going to change your forum rank so you can poke around a bit. Go ahead and post your acct name so I can toss you a g/invite. Once you accept, take a peak at the motd for our Discord and Mumble info. Shout if anything goes awry ^^ I look forward to gaming with you!
  3. Introduction and Hellos

    Hi there! Welcome You may get a few folks stopping by your Intro thread to ask questions -- we do this to help get to know people a bit better. Feel free to be silly (or not; it's up to you!) ;P Please feel free to reciprocate and ask us anything you'd like! Here we go....... How old are you? How old were you when you realized you loved giant pandas and wanted one as a pet? What is the most peculiar food combination that you like? What's the luckiest thing that's ever happened to you? (besides finding a fantabulous gaming community like SoH! lol)
  4. Hello!

    Hi Panda! I've sent you guild invite (and a friend request!) -- accept at your leisure! There is some information on the guild's MOTD, ie, our Discord and Mumble information. As soon as you join our Discord server, you'll find a few pins in the ESO chat channel including an Update from our Game Officer, Simone. When next you visit forums, you'll have greater access to poke around. Make yourself at home! We're old-school and like it! lol Now don't be skeert but some folks may drop by and ask you random questions here on your intro thread. It's all in good, clean (and occasionally goofy) fun Cya in game!
  5. Serious Slacker Says Saucy Sentences

    Hi there TBear -- welcome to the SoH forums ^^ You'll likely get a bunch of odd questions from peeps, some serious, some clearly not -- all intended to help you reveal your sparkling personality. Here are mine: What is something that a ton of people are obsessed with, but you just don't get the point of? Which would you rather: be bitten by a radioactive spider, or step in monkey poo? Lastly, name 2 of your favorite movies and 2 of your favorite books!
  6. hey there SOH!

    Pet pics are definitely winners with us ^^ You're use of the English language is stellar (I'm a retired English teacher ;P) -- is that your favorite subject in school? Or do you lean more to the sciences and math? Or perhaps music/theater is your bag!? I have 3 cats: Chaos, Loki, and their sister, Luna(tic) -- what are the names of your furbabies? What's your favorite food? What is the weirdest food combination that you like to eat? (mine is mayo on steamed broccoli lol) Talk soon! (I sent you a friend request in game so perhaps we could group for something )
  7. Season 13

    I've been having so much fun played ESO, I'd completely forgotten about the D3... and now that it's in the forefront of my mind, I'll probably still wait until Platycus starts gnawing at me to join him in game ^^ thanks for reminding me, though!
  8. Hello SoH!

    Arty, I've altered your forum rank to Recruit so you can poke around a bit. Check out the section on Guild Policies so you know what you're getting yourself into xD Then take a moment and read our Code of Conduct; if you agree, sign it. If you don't, please post here to let us know. I look forward to seeing you in game!
  9. Hello SoH!

    Hello and Welcome! I'm going to be one of those ESO players who hits 50 and has no idea what she's doing. I have, however, been having a great deal of fun! It's so easy to get immersed in that game and forget real life sometimes. And laundry; I always forget the laundry ^^ Now for some questions: When did something start out badly for you but in the end, turned out great? What weird food combinations do you really enjoy? (one of mine: mayo on steamed broccoli!) Cya in game!!
  10. Introduction

    Hi Paige! I'm delighted to have another girl around to counterbalance all the testosterone xD You're likely to get some responses in the form of very odd (and goofy) questions. Answer them! Show us your personality! And feel free to ask us anything you like, too. SoH has been around for nearly 14 yrs and we play oodles of different games so feel free to ask about any other game that interests you. Soon you'll be asked to read and sign the Code of Conduct. If what it says doesn't jive w/ your way of life, let me know. You're hooked up to Discord, so that's good. We often tend to use Mumble for voice chat; in fact, I'm almost always parked in AFK/purgatory. The details for that are here. If using Mumble is problematic, let me know that as well! I'm happy to register you as a user anytime I'm online -- just send me a tell in game or in Discord. Cya in game!
  11. Ahoy me hearties!!

    No worries -- RL first! Enjoy your sushi
  12. Hello from the Great White North!

    I got the tea reference straight away, too ^^ Long time lover of Oolong, and Earl Grey, and Mate, and Darjeeling, and even regular stuffs too! I had to laugh and reread your OP... thought you said you had a cocktail with an attitude by your computer. I wanted to know exactly what kind of cocktail you had b/c I wanted to try one! xD LOL @ the parrot talk! Cya in game ^^
  13. Ahoy me hearties!!

    You are totes my sister from another mister, lol. Love the intro Celestial! Glad you found us We have many many cat lovers here so you're gonna fit right in (I have 3 littermates myself: Chaos, Loki and Luna(tic) lol Mind posting your acct info so I can toss you an invite in game? I should be able to do that this evening, but in the meantime, I bet some of the guild will happen along and begin terrorizing you w/ odd questions. I suspect you'll get a kick out them ^^ Simone, ESO's Game Officer will likely want to chat you up as well. For now, I'll just giggle and back away... slowly... very very slowly Talk soon! @feramoan ps -- this is my "ahoy there matey" kitty ^^
  14. Privileges

    Hi Raider! I've altered your forum rank to Recruit for now, which should give you greater access to the forums here. To become a full Member of South of Heaven, a tad more is required of you -- and truth be told, if any of it is difficult or constraining, then this isn't a good home for you. It's easy and should be! All we want is your first born male child. haha -- kidding of course. We've recently restructured the way we're managing the guild and put more of the power into the hands of our Members (specifically Veterans). So, instead of requiring you to endure a 30-day trial period, all the while being poked and prodded by our Vets, we now merely ask that you engage w/ our community for a couple of weeks, both in game and out, on Discord and forums -- and perhaps use Mumble with us if you can manage it. After a couple of weeks, 2 Veterans will either give you a yay! or a nay . Given your willingness to post here on boards and the fact that you've already jumped on Discord, we're off to a good start. I do have one question, however ---- I'm uncertain as to whether or not you're able to see guild chat in ESO b/c I've not seen you respond in g/chat. Until yesterday I was having issues w/ g/chat as well, mostly b/c zone chat flew by so quickly, I was missing g/chat almost entirely. I had to spend several minutes to figure out how to make a new chat box that eliminated zone chat, etc. Tada! Now I can see it, lol. Anyway, let's figure that out for you, ok? I'd very much like to include you in our goofiness ^^ We think of SoH Membership like being given the keys to the family car -- we just want to make sure car and driver are a good fit. In our 14 year tenure, we've only asked 1 individual to leave (which to me is utterly astounding!) Once you're a Member, in a few months you'll be eligible for Veteran status. Time flies by when you're engaged w/ new friends and before long, you're driving the Porsche ^^ I hope that helps some; please forgive if I've muddied the waters and made things more confusing. Trust me when I say, you're on the right track. We just need to figure out the in-game chat thing. Cya in game! ps -- we use mumble.sourceforge.net to download Mumble; server info follows: lion.mumbleboxes.com port 36003 *shout me out in game when you do this; I'm usually logged into Mumble and will register you as a user so you can move around at your leisure*
  15. intro thingy!

    Hello and welcome Dani! I'm sure someone from D2 will be along any moment to say "howdy", in the meantime, allow me to wave o/