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  1. Fera


    Hey there bud! Soooooooo glad you finally made it to our warm and welcoming shores! lol As I told you, we've re-imagined community structure and such, but are ever faithful to our attitudes: real life first and good gamesmanship. You, my friend, have always fit imho and I'm delighted to embrace you for realz! Well, for gaming realz anyway xD We have a new Cohort (guild group) hotting up -- Nomads. Here's a post you can read more fully, but essentially we'll be game-jumping every 3 months (give or take, depending on title) rather than committing to a 9-month minimum. Go on and make a suggestion if one comes to mind! Simone will be our Cohort lead; he's awesome. You two will get along quite well I imagine ^^ Chances are some of our other members will happen along and pose questions in a get-to-know-you fashion. Some will be insane, others less so, lol. Answer to the degree of your personal comfort ^^ I know you well enough not to feel the need, hehe. Once you've responded to this thread (haha -- test to you see if you're paying attention!) I'll alter your forum rank so you can have greater access. When you're ready, I'll shoot you a Discord invite as well (we use that quite a bit now). IIRC, you still have our mumble address, right? If not, LMK and I"ll hook you up. Hug yo face!
  2. Fera

    Cohort: Nomads

    I'm curious about Wildstar; always have been but never took the plunge.
  3. Fera

    Intro, Destiny 2 player, PC enthusiast

    OMG, she's such a cutie!! <3 <3 <3
  4. Fera

    Intro, Destiny 2 player, PC enthusiast

    Hi Xotic -- welcome! Speaking as a retired English teacher, your grammar def. does not suck. Other than adding a couple commas here n there for clarity, your prose style is quite easy to read -- a pleasure even! That said, no one here will judge you on such things, myself included. We genuinely enjoy finding kindred spirits to people our storied halls (and after almost 14 yrs as a gaming community, we've got oodles of stories xD) Love the small menagerie you've got going, lol, turtle named Mikey. Cute. And you have to post a pic of that pit-lab mix! Post here in your thread or on Discord (lobby or social) once you've got that set up. I once rescued a beleaguered Afghan hound named Plato. He had demodectic mange and was missing most of the hair on his hind torso and tail. The creature looked a wreck and absolutely nothing like an Afghan lol. He was also mostly blind. And entirely stupid. Walked straight into a pool. Twice. I had to jump in, fully clothed, and fish him out (he'd sunk right to the bottom). Never a dull moment with Plato! Sweetest, happiest dog you'd ever meet, but damn was he dumb, lol. I'm mostly a pc MMO-er as well and am currently playing Elder Scrolls Online with a very casual SoH group. Sadly, fatigue is setting in a touch so I thought I'd take a bit of a breather and futz around w/ some RPGs or something for a bit. If you play ESO at all, give @Simone a shout for an invite. We'd love to have you whenever you're on (lol, why did cannibalism just pop into my head?) I've never played Ark but I know there's a few around here who do. Mention your server on Disco (gaming) and see if anyone bites, hehe. It's a game that has piqued my interest, but I've not actually pursued it. Yet ^^ After your first response to your thread here, I will alter your forum rank so that you can poke around more freely. Although we use Discord quite a bit, we still love our forums (esp. members of the old vanguard like myself lol) -- make yourself at home! Vet us as we vet you and hopefully you will come to think of us as your first stop when venturing into a new (or old) game and you look for game data or for peeps with whom to play. Each of us plays multiple titles from a variety of genres (many of which go unmentioned! lol) Anyway, sorry for the verbosity ^^ I look forward to chatting (or playing) w/ you at some point \o/
  5. Fera

    Singularity80, An Introduction, Undefined

    We're totes gonna hafta come up w/ a shorter nickname for you ^^ --- @Singularity80 invited
  6. Fera

    Singularity80, An Introduction, Undefined

    When trying to add @Armahael -- message was "account not found" -- check it? Or send @Feramoan a friend request. I used to be on daily, then started a part-time job so I'm very sporadic of late. Plus, CP460 in under 6mos so yeah, bit o fatigue if I'm honest. @GorbCorb is Simone (leader) and @gulrenor (Gul) is a game officer. I'll give them a head's up so when/if you pst them, they're in the know ^^
  7. Fera

    Singularity80, An Introduction, Undefined

    Hey there! Welcome to SoH :) You may have found some kindred spirits here, and you're right -- you're not an elder, hehe. Until recently, I was (I'm 54), but we have a newer Member who's got me beat by about a decade \o/ I'm biased, I know, but I love us! SoH became "home" to me almost immediately when I applied in 2008 (iirc). After nearly 14 yrs as a gaming community, we've amassed some pretty spectacular players, but more importantly, they're all really good people (and truthfully, that latter bit is waaaay more important to us). Post pics of your pupper on disco! We're very pet-friendly and relish perusing everybody's furbabies lol. I love both dogs and cats but am more of a cat person (and have 3 atm). Chaos, Loki and their sister, Luna(tic) are masters of mayhem in my house. What's your baby's name? Oh, so I hear you play ESO? Sweet! We'd love to add you to our roster. Grieve is right: Simone (our leader doesn't bite -- that's my job, hehe. But, I'm a delightful woman (if I do say so myself lol) and most folks, including Grieve, enjoy a playful nibble now and again xD Why not post your acct name here for me! I'm @Feramoan and while we have a super casual group, we'd love to group w/ you for dungeons/delves/WBs when/if you have need or desire. We do a group thing a couple nights a week if enough are on (and have even completed 1 whole trial! lol) Last thing -- I've altered your forum rank so you should have more access now. Dive in and poke around! Vet us as you would any community you're serious about joining. We take our Code of Conduct seriously (it's one of the reasons for our extended tenure, hehe) and our 5 Dirty Words is a good indicator of our social ethos. We want to be, and are, a safe gaming home for all sorts of people from all over the world. Hopefully, you'll fit right in ^^ I look forward to meeting you :D
  8. Pupper pic .... WIN!
  9. Hey Washington, welcome! Any friend of Hyna's ... is automatically punish! lol I jest -- it's lovely to have you. Hopefully, you'll call us "home" as well and perhaps join us for other games as they strike your fancy. I do have a couple get-to-know-you type questions... 1) what, to you, is comfort food? 2) why are cats the most amazing pets? 3) what would you do if you encountered an alien? I look forward to gaming with you!
  10. Fera

    Intro, ESO player

    Syy! \o/ Welcome to SoH forums! I'm sure a few of our other members will be along to harass, um welcome you soon, lol, so remember to check back. They will likely ask you some questions, some silly, some serious -- just answer as best you can! Actually, I do have one: do you currently have any pets? If so, would you be willing to post a pic? If you don't, which kind of pet would you like to have? (hint: say "cat" lol) I've changed your forum rank to Recruit, which will give you greater access to our forums. Poke around and make yourself at home :) p.s. I started a part-time job this week so I won't be on every day like you've seen. I do, however, look forward to chatting with you on the days I am in game! We can grab a dungeon then too if you wish :D Cya in game!
  11. Fera


    I'm just going to put these here and ask that you read them closely. The rest will sort itself out ^^ Code of Conduct 5 Dirty Words
  12. Fera

    Intro, A Tamriel Wanderer

    I've changed your forum rank to Recruit so you can poke around some and check us out. We take our forums seriously in that we actually use them, not as much nowadays due to Discord, but Discord doesn't allow for easily accessible or searchable posts for relevant information. Anyway, poke around and vet us while we're vetting you, lol. We're not just a single-title game guild, although if you only stay during your ESO experience, that's fine ---- but we'd prefer it if you made us your home away from home, so to speak ^^ We play lots of games and you're welcome to join any/all of them, as you please.
  13. Fera


    Congratulations to our newest Members! @Sardok and @breeze108
  14. Fera


  15. Fera

    Intro, A Tamriel Wanderer

    Hi Adam -- I'm glad you found us; often folks who do soon realize SoH fits much of their gaming needs/desires, which along with our general ethos, explains our 14 yr tenure as a gaming community. But enough with the hard sell, lol, and on to the fun bit! The get-to-know-you questions... I think you're roughly 8 hrs ahead of us in time. Will that negatively impact our ability to group with you? We have a new player from Australia who is 13 hrs ahead and I seem to catch him daily, which is great! (he plays at night and I'm often on in the morning so I'm having coffee while he's having a beer! lol) From your vantage point, what's it like in the future? Is the weather nice? xD Your English is superb... how did that come about? (some countries require English to be taught in school, not sure about yours!) What exactly is an "English educator" in Russia? It sounds spiffy! My husband is 6'4 but the little 5'2 lady now has to go trim the hedges, lol. Why? you ask.... pfft, I wish I knew. Once you accept your invite, please check out the MOTD (guild tab, house icon upper right side) -- it will provide you with details on joining Discord (which we use for guild-wide type/chat) and the all-important Mumble (which we use for voice chat). Mumble is finicky, but once it's setup, it's entirely trouble free (go to www.sourceforge.com for the download). I'll register you as a user as soon as I see you in the lobby, then you can move about freely. I hope to see you in game soon!!