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  1. Hi Simone, I look forward to meeting you others. Wednesday is looking pretty good for me to be on so I will be sure to use the discord info to meet up with you all. Codex
  2. Greeting y'all, My name is Jim and am 36; most games I play I am better know as Codex of Power or just Codex. I used to play a lot of MMORPs back in the early 2000s like FFXI, Diablo, WoW, and early on AoE2. I am have been gaming since early on like Atari ages and have played so many games and consoles that i have loss count. One thing i have learned over the years is that the community of online play has always been my favorite route to go. I used to play on the PS consoles then switched to Xbox but then at the end of the day realized there were restrictions to how well my graphics were so obviously reverted back to PC. I was playing WoW again but came to realize that I just needed to either make a new char or spend hour on end trying to remember how to play my char again. >.< So I started playing Lotro and lately have been playing it more and prolly could use the experience of other who have played it longer to give some advice. Some of the instances and such are different and for some reason confuse me. (i'm prolly over analyzing it.) I'm not against playing other types of game like FPS in fact i played the crap out Destiny 1 and 2 and it bored me not enough quest and on going things to do. Out side of gaming I spent 2000-2004 in the marines then moved on to the IT field, I love to fish, work, trying to freshen up on my SQL programming skills and take care of my 80+ grandparents. I don't have any pets since my boxer died a few years ago. Thanks for the consideration, Jim (Codex)
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