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  1. Agreed, understood and appreciated!
  2. Thanks! Evergreen/Pine Because I switched TP to generic..
  3. Currently I work for Turner Broadcasting (CNN, TBS, etc) and I'm in the IT side of HR. Depending on the outcome of the whole AT&T deal - I might be still here - or enjoying along severance period. I've been at Turner for over 15 years. Non-gaming hobbies would be Tennis, getting everything in the house to turn on and off with "ok google", and a bit of Drone flying. I have a 5 year old dog and a 1 year old. we got the new dog to be a play buddy for the older dog and he just mostly barks and sits on her - but its more exercise than he was getting before. I'm in Atlanta - so I'm going with Coke! Oh as far as finding you - I searched LGBT friendly clans in one of the reddits and SOH came up. It was a post from about 10 months ago I believe. Have a great holiday!
  4. Hi there, Old player but new recruit looking to join a clan in Destiny 2 - and open for other games as well. 3rd year freshman at UCLA, studying to be a veterinarian because I love children. If you know where that comes from - you're special! Level 50/507 Warlock in D2. Got me a fancy key to the dreaming city and got my but kicked. I'm not very special there just yet. Haven't played much in Gambit, Strikes, etc.. but ready to give it a try. Hope everyone is preparing for a good Thanksgiving. cb
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