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  1. Ok thank you! Yeah I’ll be around, I usually get on once my wife leaves for work. Around 6 (ish) pm central
  2. Hello all! I heard about this community from my brother Moros Ker. I am pretty new to the game, I originally created my characters back in 2014, but after playing a short time I stopped playing. I don't remember why, maybe I got sucked back into WoW? Moros successfully talked me into trying eve out again and I am having a blast. I like to do PvE content such as mission running, abyssal sites, mining and exploration. I would like to get into PvP but I don't have much experience outside of flying in to scram and be annoying as possible. My characters are : Vanu Kahn - my pew pew guy, mission and abyssal running, and hopefully PvPer. / Murdoc Nabali - strictly an industry alt. Some more information about me : I am a mechanic building motors and pumps for the oil field industry. my wife is a Labor and delivery nurse, and we just bought our first house! woot!
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