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  1. Ah, thanks. I always forget how to change corps as I so seldom do it.
  2. So, I put in my in-game application. Let me know if you need anything else.
  3. These values are my values also.
  4. I am quite happy to see it in writing and fully support being serious about building an inclusive environment. It is not enough just to say "all are welcome" without backing that up with some reasonable boundaries.
  5. 1) The logo, or the militia alliance itself? The logo is beautiful and I still admire it. The militia alliance concept was kind of neat as an idea and I liked that idea better than corps being relegated to renter alliances if they weren't elite-PvP enough. But in practical terms it felt like not being allowed to sit at the adults' table was a counter-current in an otherwise non-elitist culture. So I had mixed feelings about it. I was not sorry at all to see all active corps folded into the main alliance. 2) We all know what the best ship is, right? In terms of literal ships I don't have a single favourite. If I have the SP to fly it, and it's being flown in small-gang instead of megablob, then it's my favourite ship. 3) Two, because they are actually humans, they just spent so long going stir-crazy in their pod colonies that they forgot where they came from.
  6. o7 I first heard of South of Heaven when it was a corporation in the Blades of Grass [2GTHR] alliance. My first corp outside of newbro-highsec drudgery was in 2GTHR's militia alliance and that is where I learned how to EVE. I remember having fun on some of Simone's fleets. But, SOHCO eventually parted ways with 2GTHR and I stayed with them for a couple years. It was a good couple years. I had a lot of fun in the disaster that was the latter-day DCU and in the hobo war down in Tenerifis. However, it's time for me to move to a place with more casual PvP and less moving again because TEST has decided to resume pushing us around. I am pleased to see that the Code of Conduct here is actually not very different at all from 2GTHR values (which is what drew me to them in the first place), and that's very important to me in any sort of association. Maturity and basic human decency are (or at least ought to be) prerequisites for any group that I want to be a part of. I look forward to getting into some gudfights under the SOHCO banner.
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