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  1. Hey, we all have that side, no glass house here haha. I was singing Brandy (Your a fine girl) to myself last night when I wasn't talking in Discord, and this morning I was singing A Thousand Miles lol. Yeah all things considered, Sam Rami really killed it with the entire series. The reboot/sequel that Fede Alvarez did a few years ago was also fantastic imo, Mia was a pretty good Ash substitute.
  2. Quadruple best friends cause of Evil Dead 2, Bruce Campbell is my favorite B horror movie actor ever haha. Your taste is impeccable, and I respect the hell out of you. I sent you the Spotify link on Discord, it's called "Say You Love Satan 80s Horror Podcast" it's a group of friends from Jersey/Philly it's really funny.
  3. I didn't farm the book for it to be regular. I think we may have, if you love 80's horror movies as well it may even be triple best friends (and I'd have a podcast recommendation too haha). Amazing vest, and even cooler patches, finally someone else who listens to Suicidal Tendencies. It won't let me upload the picture, but I have a Static Age CD signed by Frank Licata, one of the women I work with is really good friends with him and his daughter.
  4. Hi Mord, great to meet ya! This perfectly acceptable, please feel free to add me on Discord Baruis#5550 and/or BNet Barius#11900 so we can work on our secret handshake, just FYI fire will be involved so please plan accordingly. Yes, I am playing 5E! Funnily enough my current character is a half-elf Warlock (Hexblade), I'm trying to break myself of a min/max mindset but have thus far been unsuccessful lol. That's awesome, how is 2E Pathfinder compared to D&D rules/complexity/ease of picking up? (I've heard 1E Pathfinder is quite a curve). Also very cool to hear your son is getting into it, I'd like to think my dad was excited when I got into Football until I picked New England as my favorite team. I am very much a multi-genre person, but my favorite by far is old school punk (Black Flag (Henry Rollins Era), Dead Kennedys, Melvins, Misfits). God, this is a tough question but I would choose: Tyler, The Creator - His evolution from Goblin to IGOR has been phenomenal to watch as he's grown lyrically, musically, and subject-matter wise. Misfits (Danzig Era) - They're just my favorite band of all time, and have had significant influence on my life since I first heard them when I was 12. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - He gave so much beauty to the world in such a short amount of time with his music, and he still had so much left to give. I would be a cherry tree in the Coachella Valley, at least twice a year I would get to hear good music, the weather is generally pretty nice and I may save a life with my fruit if someone was having a bad trip & got lost. We'll also say my fruit can't cause anaphylactic shock so I don't have a saved & a killed list lol.
  5. Now that I have your attention, hi there, My name is Michael but you can call me Malovo/Barius (I made the account before I confirmed the name was available on the server :D). I'm a friend of Gesari & Soju's, I used to raid with both of them back in Siege of Orgimmar; but I've known/raided with Gesari since BC. I've recently decided to start raiding again after taking some time off, and where better than with friends new and old. My previous raid experience extends back to Vanilla WoW where I was in in the top guild on Lothar at the time <Destiny> as a holy paladin. As time went by and I raided with each following expansion I've switched between roles as a jack of all trades so to speak, at current I am playing a Destro Warlock. As evidence of the above, I don't take myself very seriously, I'm always in it for the laughs, and bringing joy to those that I play with and fostering a sense of community. For my day job, I deal with the Immigration court system in NJ, as well as negotiating/drafting contracts for a large entertainment company so there is little room for jokes sadly. Outside of work, I love Murder She Wrote (I may be 29 but I have the taste of a grandma sometimes), doggies, music, cooking, and most recently D&D. I look forward to getting to know everyone, and hopefully bringing you some laughs
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