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  1. Kai

    Kai Intro [WoW]

    Hey Mord. My favorite raiding memory is my very first Ragnaros kill. I was more of a casual raider back then. I joined a guild as a dps warrior that was just starting Molten Core right at the end of the expansion. I think the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj had already opened by then. Our guild leader was our main tank and we had a solid off tank. Neither of them ever missed a raid. We had every boss but Rag on farm and it was progression night on him. There had been some drama between the officers that I never bothered getting the details of. Our guild leader logged on that night and said some
  2. Kai

    Kai Intro [WoW]

    I'm definitely excited for Shadowlands. In between games, I usually play Rimworld or modded Minecraft, so i'm usually excited about those. XCOM Chimera Squad and Gears Tactics came out recently and I really enjoy those style games, so I'm looking forward to getting into those at some point as well. I would replace my back. I'm tired of back pain. I would love to have an unlimited supply of pulled pork from a local bbq place here. I could eat it every day.
  3. Hello. I'm Garrett. In games I tend to go by Kai in some form or another. I'm a friend of recent applicants Soju, Gesari, and Caresia. I have recently decided to try and get back into WoW in some form or another. I'd love to raid as long as real life allows me to. If not, I'd just like a friendly group to get to know and hang out with. I've played WoW since vanilla. Raided from BC all the way into Cataclysm where I finally got burned out. I mostly mained a tank during that time but would dps when I got the chance. Since then I've jumped back in at every expansion but never found a
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