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  1. I would have to say Death Knight, since they can evolve into Deathlords; and some rare ones even evolve into Lich Kings. I think their weakness to Fairy/Undead is pretty bullshit though. Sylvanas can be pretty annoying to fight.
  2. Well, I am now officially on Stormreaver; I'm down to settle this any time in game ;D
  3. I'm actually more a fan of a Ghost In The Shell future. Cybernetics has always seemed super cool to me. I can just imagine my day: either it's day 4398 of standing outside a building and no one talking to me, or it's the 13th time today some idiot started PvP'ing in town and I'm just collateral damage again. If I did manage to be in the Pokeworld I'd end up being some kind of mix of a pokefan and a nerd lol. I'd want to get strong enough to be able to catch all my favourites, then end up just doing whatever the hell my pokemon wanted. Beach today? Cool. Do
  4. Hey there Mordi and Merri! Yes, I was the dk PvP'ing with you in Stormsong last night! Terribly geared alt, but still fun to join in! I am Suuuuper excited for 2h Frost to be a thing again, purely from a PvP perspective. Bursting down your opponent is much harder to do when you're slapping them with 2 wet noodles instead of something with some "oomph" behind it. I'm also just a few weeks away from my Shadowmourne! Currently at 23/50 shadowfrost shards. As far as outside of WoW goes, it's a toss up between reading, hiking, netflix, and hanging out with friends when the r
  5. Hi everyone, I'm Drezzuk (or Nivalys, depending on the character I'm playing at the time). I've been playing WoW since just before the launch of WotLK and have mained a Frost DK since I first made one. I'm very into PvP and PvE content progression, and into mount farming to a lesser extent; I say lesser, but I did just get Invincible after my 583rd attempt. I am a friend of Esta's from her time on Stormrage, and she isn't sick of me yet so that has to count for something I guess? I'm not really sure what else to put here: I've read your code of conduct and s
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