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  2. Chia

    Intro [Wow]

    ok ok ok so I've had half of this typed out for days and work has just wrekt me. Mario Kart 64 is def a good sub the only reason I stuck to more single player games for the nintendo systems are because usuallyyy they require split screen/in the same room co-op which while fantastic I assumed for the study I'd be stuck somewhere solo. GC Metroid Prime is amazeballs (even now still holds up I've watched old lets plays on youtube) but idk what it is about Smash melee it hooks me in just fighting the AI. Very solid choices for the Wii U and Wii I personally skipped the Wii U so im not even sure what games were available for it. Galaxy was a very solid addition to the Mario platformers. I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT KOTOR and now I feel like a HUGE derp. I played that and the second iteration quite a bit. One of my childhood buddies is a Huge Starwars geek and he had both! When we were kids we would take turns swapping them (yea they were both his but the joys of childhood friendship amirte?) He did better/went farther in the first whereas i did better/farther in the second. AND AS I TYPE THIS I completely forgot about Mass Effect 1 and 2. I dont know what I'd swap out for it... Maybe Halo 3. Spider-Man on PS4 is ALMOST worth getting a PS4 just for that they got the travel right its so good it made it worth picking up the DLC on top of it!
  3. Chia

    Intro [Wow]

    You can have it, typically people start remembering the chia pet commercial after saying my character name :P. ALRIGHT lot of systems/games to get thru here Any Gameboy just assume a Pokemon game to go with it N64 - Ocarina of Time (Classic have to) GameCube - Supersmash bros melee (tight between this and Zelda Windwaker) Switch - Zelda BotW (I think you're getting the pattern here) Xbox - Destroy all humans Xbox 360 - Halo 3 PS2 - Tony Hawks Proskater 2 PS3 - Assassin's Creed 2 Brotherhood PS4 - Horizon Zero Dawn The why on these I'd like to think are pretty self explanatory if not tho, these def make the cut for some of the games I've put the most time into in each of their respective consoles. Honestly either hot or cold days...if they dont start with coffee its gonna be a bad day. BUT assuming that Hottest days finishing with a shower beer is pure joy, cold days its a nice chili or soup midday. I'm pretttttty sure picking Esta for a friend confirms my statement. On the other hand you def could be right smart enough to trick her into liking me enough to put up with me :D.
  4. Chia

    Intro [Wow]

    Hey! I'm Chia aka Brad, I'm a friend of Esta's. I'm gonna be straight up I am awful at talking about myself but here goes. I've been gaming for most of my entire life from N64 all the way to current systems. I got into wow sometime during the BC era and boy oh boy was I terrrrrrrible so nothing has really changed on that front at all. The only thing that did was 2 years ago I decided in a cost saving effort to put real focus into wow causing me to purchase fewer AAA titles. Since then I've grown into a huge fan of the community aspects of WoW. It's also the first real foray into raiding that I'll say truly counts. There was a time in Cata, but uh, I'll save that disgrace for another time. IRL - I'm pretty dumb, literally have the job that most crack heads rotate through. Flat Roofing, so most of my days while its not raining (we melt FYI) have me outside sweating and moving disgustingly heavy objects from point A to point B usually with some kind of adhesive/tar in between. Looking forward to hearing back from anyone.
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