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  1. Hey mordigrim sounds good to me, I'll bring the intellect and let you guys do the heavy lifting haha. "Pick three fictional characters from different universes. You get to look like one, have the personality of a different one, and live in the universe of the remaining one. What are your choices and why?" I like this question. Looks, Geralt of Rivia, preferably the netflix version because basically i just wish i was henry cavil lol. Personality, Tony Stark. Universe Harry potter because i've been waiting for a letter from hogwarts since i was 12. I'm 32 now but.... one day.. "Guy Fieri is going to take you on an all-expenses paid three-month tour of the best Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives in America that all serve whatever your favorite type of cuisine is. There's two catches though. First, you have to dress like Guy. Second, you have to order the same dish at every restaurant you go to. You get to eat it however each individual restaurant prepares it so it will vary a little but in general you basically get to eat one food item for three months. What dish do you order and why? Also, how amazing do you feel wearing flame-covered bowling shirts every day?" wearing flame covered bowling shirts would be worth traveling for three months for free so I'm down. I'd of course make sure i changed my beard to a goatee to fit in. As far as the dish, I'd have to say tacos. no two tacos are the same haha. "Our world is magically transformed and suddenly all of our existing animals follow the basic rules of Pokemon. What animal or animals do you hope to catch to be on your team?" Otters. Imagine a little otter that follows you around saying "otter" lol. Sounds amazing to me. that and maybe a few grizzly bears, a jaguar, architeuthis, and an owl. Thanks for the reply. Im looking forward to meeting all of you.
  2. Whats up, Im brent. I just came back to wow and I'm here to chew bubble gum and destroy bosses, but I'm all out of bubble gum. I've been playing wow off and on since burning crusade and ive spent most of that time playing with Jim (gesari) and mike (barius). They speak highly of your community so I'd like to be a part of it. I've played wow hardcore pushing for server firsts and world rankings, I've played it casual as well, and I probably prefer somewhere in between. I'm an easy going person, i can get along with anyone and i treat people the way i'd like to be treated. except mike. I work in the visual effects and gaming industry mostly as a character artist. my hobbies include gaming, being a nerd, gaming, and sometimes i play around on my guitar. I'm apping as a mage. It's a new class for me if im being completely honest, but im the type of player that will min/max until my damage is in the 99th percentile on warcraft logs, jim and mike can attest to me being a dps meter nerd. Im currently ilvl 430 so i have a lot of work to do getting myself geared for the current raid tier, I don't expect to be carried or have a raid spot right away. Anyways I'm not sure what else to put here, but if you guys have any questions for me let me know. I look forward to playing with you guys if you'll have me
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