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  1. I do not sell my candles I mainly give them away to friends or as personal gifts. I have not played "Above and Below" or "Near and Far" but my best friend was always trying to get me to try it!!
  2. Merriwhizzle, My favorite board game right now is probably Spirit Island, although honestly my "favorite" changes often depending on my mood and who I'm playing with. I'm not sure if I will be buying small World of Warcraft, if I do it will be a good while because I just moved to Chicago from South Carolina for a job and moving is expensive! Mordigrim I'm not necessarily opposed to being called "Matty". I usually tell people I don't mind too much how people refer to me as long as it is a term of endearment. Now to answer your other questions: 1. You say you like to cook, what are your three favorite things to make? Anything you make have any special meaning to you? I love to cook, too. One of my favorite things to make is chicken Alfredo with my homemade Alfredo sauce because it's my wife's favorite dish. It's not my fanciest or most technical dish but she loves it and it makes me happy to bring her joy. I think I derive the large majority of my joy from cooking from actually eating the food and making it for my friends! Therefore, a lot of my "favorite" things to make are more associated with a particular scenario. For example, I love to have friends over for breakfast/coffee. I enjoy making a big breakfast with bacon/sausage, eggs, toast, pancakes, potatoes etc and just sitting down and enjoying the calm of the early morning! I also really enjoy baking and one of the more simple but fun things to make for me personally are scones (as they are so highly customizable and fun to eat). For a dinner item I would probably choose cooking steak with roasted vegetables and some kind of starch. I know the steak answer is super basic but cooking steak properly can be a somewhat difficult task and I it's always super fulfilling to get a steak just right (especially when you're cooking it for someone else).2. If you had to describe your interests using a list of ten or fewer movies, shows, books, games, or other media what are some things that would definitely make your list? At the very top of the list would no doubt be the Lord of the Rings. I've always been interested in fantasy but the books and movies hold a very special place in my heart in regards to my adolescent years. So starting from the top I would list: 1. The Lord of the Rings 2. World of Warcraft 3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer 4. The Elder Scrolls 5. Scrubs 6. Parks and Recreation 7. Morgan and Mikhail's Clinical Anesthesiology 8. How to Cook Everything 9 Dungeon's and Dragons Player Manual3. What are your top three favorite scents for candle-making (I assume you scent your candles)? 1. My favorite by far is a scent made by Candlescience called "White Tea and Berry" 2. I enjoy almost all balsam scented candles (regardless of the season although this is traditionally more of a winter or holiday scent) 3. I'm partial to sandalwood in general. This last question is difficult to answer because honestly my favorite scents change all the time (especially if I am exposed too much to the same scent). But overall I'm drawn more to "earthy" scents as opposed to super fruity or what I would call "clean" or "soapy scents" (fresh cotton would be an example of this category).
  3. Hello friends! My name is Matthew, and my character's name is Zalepriest. I am of friend of Kai, Soju, and Gesari! I have been playing WOW off-and-on since vanilla. I have hardcore raiding experience from vanilla, burning crusade, WOTLK, and MOP. I no longer have time to hardcore raid but still very much enjoy the game and play more casually. I'm relatively quiet when it comes to voice coms and primarily enjoy challenging myself while pushing better and better parses. If I join your guild I would be very interested in running mythics, old content, and achievement hunting. I work in healthcare and as such I'm use to working with an extremely diverse group of people and highly value a professionalism, teamwork, and comradery. I have been part of several very competitive guilds during my previous raiding experiences and many of them fell apart due to toxic members who slowly created descent between the group and ultimately caused the guild to fall apart. As such, I am looking for very friendly and casual players who take raiding seriously while we are doing it but aren't malignant to their fellow guildies. I like to consider myself very versatile and I'm willing to heal or dps as needed. I main a priest with my primary alt being a warlock. In my free time I enjoy cooking, playing summoners war on my phone, working out, making candles, and playing board games with friends.
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