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  1. I always assume similar values to be true for everyone. Signed!
  2. So pizza toppings is always a tough one for me. I enjoy most fruits and veggies so load it all on there and it’s all good! If I had to pick a few, one of the faves around here is pineapple, jalapeños, and olives. If you like to get funky, green olives are even better. My dog would probably say not enough treats and not enough belly rubs haha. But for personality, definitely on the easy going side and very go with the flow. I love adventure and puzzle games. Take me to an immersive world with something to solve and I’m hooked. Throw in a humorous storyline and all the better! Dalboz from the Zork series probably ranks towards the top. What’s not to love about hanging out with a real DM through travels? A couple pup pictures attached. One is the photo from the rescue shelter and the other late last year.
  3. Hello! My main character is Kasheira and I've been raiding on and off since vanilla. I have known Esta since around the late MoP (Siege) era. I have quite a few alts, but have mostly been casual for the past few xpacs. I'm looking for a place to call home and some like minded people that enjoy the entertainment factor of gaming with company that doesn't stir up drama. I'm one of the easiest going people you will ever meet, but that also means I'm on the quiet side. Gaming aside, I work in IT and have more degrees than I would typically admit unless asked. I have an almost 3 year old pup and am very much a pet person.
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