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  1. I play table top, I use to be a dungeon master in a ravenloft campaign back in the 3th edition. Now I do with 5 ed but not too much, because of time and lockdowns. The exorcist is my favorite movie and any zombie movie, even classic like night of the walking dead. I really enjoy streap steak nd lager beers. My favorite is named Imperial here in Costa Rica and from USA I like Coors ligth and Miller draft
  2. Hi, I didn´t know about the guild before the raid and I was happy to go becaus I sense respect and a good vibe in it. then I read the rules and your code of conduct and after that I wanted to join because seems to be a nice group with values that I share. my top books or tales are The canterville Ghost and the short stroy named Horla from Mapassant, is about a vampire an is my name in many main toons on several games, I enjoiyed baldurs gate, neverwinter nigths, elder scrolls and dungeons and dragons. Any horror movie and books about clinical psychology or neuroscience I think peop
  3. Hi, I´m horla and got my first mythic raid boss with you and was really fun, so I like to join your guild with my alt. I started play this game when Blizzrd re start with clasic then I made a Lock till lvl 44 and swicth to retail (a total pain). I was member of a guild Grumpy old farts and they fallen apart, so I swich to dark trinity with my main. Now Ill have some alts that want to lvl up and get into mythic and raiding. so I don´t know what to say, im from Costa Rica, 41 year old and clínical psychologist.
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