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  1. Hi Everyone sorry for the slow response, had a bit of a busy week. @Mordigrim I feel South of Heaven reminds me a lot of my first guild I every joined (From The Internet) It was a tight knit group that had fun doing any sorts of stuff with each other. I remember at the time it was Challenge Modes which were a good deal of fun. In terms of what I look for in a guild I like a community that overall just enjoys playing with one another. I've been in a few guilds that were kinda on the toxic side in terms of attitude to one another. In line with everything else I just said the biggest
  2. Hello, My name is Hepes, I just recently returned to the game after a couple years off, and was looking for a new community to join. I ran into Estarriol's post and reddit and well here I am. I've been playing wow since Warth of the Lich King. I raided pretty casually up until Mists of Pandaria where a pretty competitive guild recruited me in LFR of all places. I raided with them getting quite a few cutting edge achievements until I had to quit for schooling reasons. I recently graduated and subsequently picked up WoW again. However because I was gone for some time the old community and played
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