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  1. Mordi Totally okay, I understand completely. My life is CRAZY during the summer with sports and activities we do with the kids. Were always on the go. My biggest goal is to be a mythic raider again and push decent high keys ( if I have the time ) I enjoy progression and killing that incredibly hard boss, the feeling afterwards is pretty nuts. Pretty much the only thing really that would ruin guild experience would be unnecessary drama. Hmm this is kind a hard but Habit-chi if I could. I could probably go months with eating just that and I definitely
  2. Hello, The names Tim, in game character name is Sparklefarts. I've played wow since early BC. I started seriously raiding in WOTLK. I played a rogue up until legion then I switched to a druid that I still play today. I've raided mythic the last two expansions. I recently came back from a huge break, I last played during Eternal palace. I got married made a family and now I'm ready to get back into wow for Shadowlands and find a home. I'm a RL friend of Kai(Garrett.) I've worked with him off and on for about 5 years now. I'm a family man I have 4 kids, one is biologi
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